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Chelsea 2-1 Man City: City Finally Falls, Unbeaten run ends

Gael Clichy was sent off just before the hour mark with after a second bookable offence and substitute Frank Lampard scored a winning penalty as the visitors lose unbeaten record.

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GanjaMan3850d ago

Chelsea have done a big favor for the whole league

proudly_X3850d ago

The two big spenders in Europe had a bad result...

It all happened similar way..

Benzema Goal came in 22 secs, Balotelli goal in about 2 mins...

But both of them lost, Thanks to Lescot and Clichy.. I thought Clichy was really irritating today.. Kolarov is surely Missed!!

Gamer19823850d ago

done a big favour?? Wow way to show the hate! So I suppose the worst thing to happen to the league was the Arsenal invincibles right? Your a moron and reading your name proves it.

GanjaMan3850d ago

why bring up arsenal and as a matter of fact the arsenal invisibles was a great thing as i support arsenal so you fail there mate! reading my name proves im a moron? lmao look at your name 'gamer1982' by your name i can tell your most likely a 30 year old gamer geek who also happens to support man shity.

dcortz20273850d ago

Congratulations to Chelsea for ending City's run, I thought that City were not going to go down anytime soon.

Gamer19823850d ago

Had to happen sooner or later shame it happened because of refereeing decisions and not quality and skill though. Was sad to see us lose our first match that way really would have preferred us to say lose to Liverpool a couple of weeks ago.

neoragex3849d ago

maybe next time when liverpool beat man city.

Mozilla893849d ago

Right it only happened because of referee decisions. Why did those decisions happen? It wouldn't be because Clichy was getting torched down the left hand side could it?

ProjectVulcan3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

The words of a bitter man claiming it was ref decisions. Chelsea were at least as good as City in this game no question, don't pretend they weren't except Chelsea didn't lose their cool and so deserved to win. Clichy got turned inside out constantly and his tackling was poor all night, if not him then Toure's behaviour towards Mata too could have warranted cards.

City's poor discipline will be their undoing this season if Mancini does not get the temperaments of his primadonnas under control

Nes_Daze3850d ago

As I see it the game was pretty much almost even. Aguero was not at his best, and Lescott's hand ball was just plain stupid.