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Liverpool statement on Luis Suarez ban in full

Liverpool's Luis Suarez has been handed an eight-match ban and a £40,000 fine by the Football Association after being found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United's Patrice Evra.

The statement below was released by Liverpool following the verdict.

"Liverpool Football Club is very surprised and disappointed with the decision of the Football Association commission to find Luis Suarez guilty of the charges against him

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kulka3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

we must appeal this is a joke.... and Evra could insult Suarez yet nothing is done I bet Terry won't get punished either

buddymagoo3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Racism is no joke. I know you are just trying to support your player but in this instance it is wrong to defend racism.

He HAS been found guilty.

ATLien3850d ago

Its his right to appeal if he wants to if he knows he's innocent then he should if not he shouldn't and accept it.

NewMonday3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

the word he used is not an insult in Uruguay, its a common word used in non racial manner in south america. even ManU's Mexican striker was quoted using it in reference to on of his teammates.

in the other hand the words used buy John Terry are clear, but everyone is talking about Suarez.

kulka3850d ago

I believe when they show me the evidence I don't believe Suarez is a racist

buddymagoo3850d ago


If there is evidence do you really think Suarez and Liverpool want people to see it? This is already damaging enough.

kulka3850d ago

@ Buddy As a fan I will defend Liverpool players until see some objective evidence which are suppose to be made public within a week so sorry if I overracted but we will be sure soon what the have against Suarez if I'm proved wrong then my apologies

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DavidLuiz43850d ago

John Terry might face the same thing you Idoit
- I can't stand liverpool fans crying and whining about the other players , just remember that racism is a big thing and trust me John Terry is going to face the punishment. But we got back up while your Suarez is the only reason Liverpool is doing better than last , thing about it Carrol isn't doing nothing just like how y'all talk about Torres :)
Now lets see where y'all are going to be at in the table -

Good luck with your next 8 , I don't see in champions league football or in the top 4 Premier League.

Infernostew3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Go ahead, appeal the ban and get another 2 matches tacked on. There must have been plenty of proof of the incident for the FA to hand out the punishment because he was found guilty. I can understand standing by your player for a red on a foolish play or personal problems outside of football but this is disgusting.

I mean, it's not like Suarez is a model of fair play either. I guess you guys aren't getting that fair play spot for Europa next season... bummer.

GanjaMan3850d ago

yh spot on mate i bet Terry will get away with this because he's 'English'

DavidLuiz43849d ago

What does that go do with anything?
Are You Serious?

AgentWD403849d ago

im a united fan and even I think this is harsh.

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freeduck3850d ago

The thing is, there is absolutely no evidence that he said racist things. That's what makes the ban so shocking.

The FA have a bias against Liverpool, this has been going on for so long it's really disgusting.

buddymagoo3850d ago

Suarez admitted saying such in an interview.

kane_lfc3850d ago

The FA are willing to ban someone based on one persons claim, with no video evidence? In that case.....the whole Man utd squad racially abused me.

buddymagoo3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

You don't know what evidence they have! You are just talking out of your backside as usual.

You can not charge somebody without evidence, I thought you would know this. Where are you from, China??

kane_lfc3850d ago

What possible evidence can they have?

GJ233850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

@ kane lfc
The FA have a right to confiscate the footage from other cameras as evidence. They wouldnt just charge him for the fun of it

Nes_Daze3849d ago

I still don't know why they would ban him for calling somebody "negro". There's nothing wrong with that in Latin America, and it shouldn't be seen as racist if you call somebody black. In many Spanish speaking countries it's either a slang or a casual phrase.

GJ233849d ago

We're not in a Latin American country. Evra is not Latin American. Dont see why Suarez would call Evra a "negro" apart from to upset him and disturb his game. He obviously used it in a derogatory manner to try and get the upper hand and now it's come back to haunt him IMO

krazykombatant3849d ago

yeah but each one of the players come from a different cultural background. If I were suarez I wouldn't apologize for jack shit. Some people are just as ridiculous with their thin skin and not being able to deal when shit is said to them in the heat of the moment.

Nes_Daze3849d ago

I agree with krazykombatant for once, you can't just blame the man for speaking his native tongue and using a bit of slang. If you can't understand the way he meant it, why punish him? How about they all educate themselves about each other's backgrounds, I think Terry should too >_>

GJ233849d ago

@ Gloomy_Nes

So you want every player to understand every single player in the leagues backgrounds from hundreds of countries and hundreds of different regions? If they did this they'd never get time to play

So racism is okay as long as the player has a different background?

You'd think with all of the "kick it out" posters and shirts the players see at every game and event that some players (Terry & Suarez) would think that maybe there was something wrong with racism.

Nes_Daze3849d ago

I'm not saying they should all learn, I was being a bit sarcastic because you just can't hand out punishments like these without understanding that for Suarez's background it's not a big deal. You and others keep saying "racism", but how do you even know what he meant? He just called somebody black, that's it. In order to combat racism you also have to be open-minded enough to understand different interpretations of a word in different backgrounds, not just yours.

GJ233849d ago

Not just my interpretation, anyone who might get offended i.e Evra. Evra got called a name, how was he supposed to know that Suarez meant it in a nice way (if there is such a thing ?

I dont think he'd use "black" in a descriptive way to Evra because because i'd think evra would know. I cant see it being in a friendly way since they were on rival teams in a derby.
I can only see him using it in a derogatory manner to get under Evra's skin to gain an advantage

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RedDevils3849d ago

He live in Europe long enough to know that is racist, he can't be more ignorant to not know what he is doing

AgentWD403849d ago

a lot of liverpool fans were really happy when rio got banned for missing a drugs test then passing it two days later and he got an 8 month ban so really there is no bias if he said something racist he should be punished but in the context in which he said it 8 games is harsh

RedDevils3849d ago

That what we called Karma is a b**ch