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Suarez one-match ban for offensive gesture

The Uruguyan has already been hit with an eight-match suspension after being found guilty of misconduct for using racist language towards Manchester United left-back Patrice Evra, with Liverpool awaiting official information on the ruling before making a decision on a likely appeal.
Suarez's latest punishment means Liverpool could now be without their star striker for nine matches, if the first of the two bans is upheld.

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Abdou233834d ago

This guy is so much trouble.

zico3833d ago

he has trouble with his temperament yes, and dalglish should do something about it.

it is not good for liverpool that such a central player is unable to control his temparement. I do not understand how the attack will be without him in 9 matches. He is the driving force of all attacks this season, and without his creativity and technique are liverpool easy to defend, unfortunately.
New striker must come early in january!

NewMonday3833d ago

did he kick someone, or elbow? other than the finger and his old Ajax days their is no problem

he complains a lot like 80% of the players out their

buddymagoo3833d ago

I wouldn't agree Ronaldo used to get loads of abuse in the premiership and he was younger. He never did anything like this, he had the dignity to just get on with it.

NewMonday3833d ago

that is bull$#!t, Ronaldo responds like many other players, next your going to say Cantona and Rooney just "get on with it"

buddymagoo3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Alright, show me where Ronaldo retaliated to a fan. Rooney shouted at something plastic and glass not a fan. Cantona was racially abused and well, he is Cantona.

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kane_lfc3833d ago

Meh, he needs a break anyway.

Plus whats taking the FA so long in publishing the Suarez-Evra report?

NewMonday3833d ago

they want the stigma of "racist" to sink in before they explain the suspension is only for "offensive language"

kane_lfc3833d ago

I cant wait to see what they publish it will be like ''Evra said Suarez was a racist and we like him more therefore he is right, the end''

Nes_Daze3833d ago

Let this be a lesson to foreign football players that play in England, don't call people black. lol, and don't show the finger or the FA will get mad.

gee, I wonder how much Mourinho would've gotten for poking a man in the eye!

neoragex3830d ago

Suarez need to clam down with his actions.