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Ronaldo: La Liga is world's best

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo believes La Liga is the best league in the world and has an advantage over the Premier League due to superior "personal and technical skills".

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dcortz20274288d ago

The Premier League is still the best football/soccer league in the world. La Liga is just Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. It has potential to become the world's best in the near future, but as of now the Premier League is where it's at.

zico4287d ago

I think even German Bundesliga is better than LaLiga, as you said Laliga only has two temas battle for the titles every year.

Sahil4287d ago

This year's Serie A is way better and competitive than all the other leagues except the EPL.

RedDevils4286d ago

Laliga is like Scottish league

ProjectVulcan4286d ago

La liga has only the one game everyone wants to see, el clasico. But the passion and rivalries in the premier leage extend beyond just that single game. The big ones like Man Utd v Liverpool, Arsenal v Spurs, Liverpool v Everton, Man utd v Man city etc etc all cause a stir and spark debate. I love a big derby with major history and it seems the best ones i watch are in England

All the talk in spain is only about these two clubs and it comes across as one dimensional and boring something all the banter and rivalries in the premier league could never be

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Abdou234288d ago

Actually La Liga doesn't even have the potential to become the best in the near future.real & barca are playing in their own league now. And i'm sure when Cristiano was in MAN UTD he also said the Premier league is the best.It's all media talk.

guigsy4287d ago

You see the better football in La Liga but the Premier League is way more competitive.

MaximusPrime4287d ago

I went to see Serie A at San Siro. AC Milan v cesta( I think). It was dull.

I'm sure La Liga is way better than Serie A. However, EPL is way better than La Liga. As Guigsy above said, EPL is more competitive.

Not sure why Ronaldo is forgetting that?

kane_lfc4287d ago

I would rather watch a game like Wolves vs Bolton than Barcelona vs ???? because once you have seen Barca beat a team 6-0 once it gets boring.

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The story is too old to be commented.