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Highlights: Liverpool 3-1 Newcastle United (English Premier League - 30/12/11)

25′ Agger (OG) 0-1
30′ Bellamy 1-1
67′ Bellamy 2-1
78′ Gerrard 3-1

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GanjaMan3877d ago

Carroll useless as always but Gerrard what a hero completely changed the match when he came on!

buddymagoo3877d ago

He doesn't get the service he needs, once Gerrard came on Carrol looked a different player. Those two will do well together.

See, opposing fans don't always have to hate each other *cough* Kanelfc *cough* Sahil *cough*

GanjaMan3877d ago

He got plenty of chances, did you watch the same game I did? He missed a couple of easy headers, another header hit the post and Gerrard also layed him of with that long pass and he was through on goal but dumbass carroll took a heavy touch and let it go, looked like a easy tap in for any other striker!

buddymagoo3877d ago

Did you watch the game??? Up until about 60mins (when Gerrard came on) he had very little service. At one point he even ran back to Johnson to tell him to get them in early, which he didn't do. As soon as Gerrard floated one in, he hit the crossbar and had a few more chances.

NewMonday3877d ago

Carroll needs someone that can whip the in long and fast, that's the kind service he used to get in Newcastle, the crosses he got in the Reds were ether short or long and slow.

Gamer19823877d ago

I feel sorry for Gerrard he will most likely go down as one of the worlds best who never won a title. The fact he could come on and change the game so much after coming back from an injury shows Liverpools problems right now. Saying that though there not doing too bad and are still on track for top 4. So all in all its a good season for them especially with the Chelsea implosion meaning there are 2 top 4 spots up for grabs.

zico3877d ago

...and 1st match 2012 is 3 points vs Man City! Gerrard must start this match! Thank God he is back!

Gamer19823877d ago

Not even Gerrard will make a differnce in that match 3 points City at ETIHAD stadium. In Liverpool they had there chance but away its a lot tougher.

freeduck3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Great victory, maintained spirit after conceding first goal. Good to see Cpt Fantastic back, it's like a new fresh signing.

Ironically, we created the least amount of chances in this game than any other yet we scored 3 goals.

neoragex3877d ago

That goal from gerrard was classy.

Imagine a midfield of Xavi-Gerrard-Iniesta :)

KonohagakureFC3877d ago

Newcastle were really poor in this game, besides from the Skrtl clearance Demba Ba didn't feature at all

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