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Inter sporting director to travel to England to open talks with Manchester United about Sneijder

The Nerazzurri are reportedly ready to cash in on the Netherlands international and are willing to open negotiations with the English giants in the January transfer window

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Abdou233831d ago

I hope it happens this Jan.

guigsy3831d ago

Even if this were true, Inter would have to significantly lower their £35 million asking price from last summer. Don't believe it for a second though.

buddymagoo3831d ago

At his age I don't think we should pay anything over 26m. Especially considering his wage demands.

DavidLuiz43831d ago

If United Get Him- More dangerous than City I believe because there only problem is there midfield.. Afraid if this happens than were not even going get a chance unless we make big signings too but at the same time is this just another daily mail about rumors?

RedDevils3831d ago

just stupid rumours hope we don't sign this injury prone

Gamer19823831d ago

Hmm This article has no source or anything it could be wrote by some kid on the net.. He would make United stronger but I don't know if it would be enough as United are in a change right now and I am unsure if he fits the new look United.

buddymagoo3831d ago

If we had our full squad we would probably be 6 points clear now. It just so happens we have been having to play midfielders in defence and wingers in midfield.

To think City have spent 400m just for an Fa cup or to be behind a lacking Man utd squad is a bit of a joke really.

Gamer19823830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

should be 6 points clear??You are deluded! You are doing better this year than last when you won the league so stop talking out your backside. I wasn't being biasd with my comment Fergie is trying to build another new dynasty at United a new look united everybody who really supports the club and isnt just a glory hunter just look you knows that. He is building for the future he want's quick skillful players and I was just saying I didn't think Wes fitted into that and you took that to attack City. Why do you always bring up City in united articles? I don't and I am the city supporter! Your obcessed with us!

As for David Luiz please dont get me started on Chelsea as for starters you were 4th when taken over we were fighting relegation so we had to buy a complete new squad. Second you didn't buy for the future and now we are seeing the huge mistake that cost you. Chelsea is the worst argument you can make. Plus your arguing about CL? It's not like Chelsea have ever won it under Abramovich have they? Oh yeah and Chelsea have still spent more than City so far since the PL started.

buddymagoo3830d ago

I hardly ever mention City, I don't even comment in their articles. You on the other hand are always sticking your nose into United articles and are no where to be seen in the City ones other than results.

You were saying we haven't got enough when clearly you wouldn't know what it takes to win trophies on a regular basis. So you should keep opinions like that to yourself and you should know better than spreading them around in United articles.

DavidLuiz43831d ago

Once We Got Bought By Abramovich , We Won the league 1st thing ever and we took it for another year til we stop spending , 2003/04 2004/2005 - It takes you 3 Years just to finally catch up with Manchester United , Chelsea , and Arsenal Yet your barely behind Your the league table - You Make every player from squad like there as good as Barcelona when you got shut by Napoli in Champions League .. Please if your going to talk , don't hate on other teams...



Abdou233830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

@RedDevils that reminds me, where this guy Bebe now that fergi got him off the streets or something.

RedDevils3830d ago

@Abdou23 on loan at Besiktas he did quite well there until he got the Knee injury which took him out like half a season

Killzoned3831d ago

Do we need him? We definitely do, Our midfield creativity is slacking!

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