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Highlights: Newcastle United 3-0 Manchester United (English Premier League - 04/01/2012)

1-0 D. Ba 33'
2-0 Y. Cabaye 47'
3-0 P. Jones 90'(og)

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buddymagoo4523d ago

Ew. It's just not going right for us at the moment

Gamer19824523d ago

Wait no excuses? Hmm could that be because you had a full squad and no De Gea to blame? That aside Newcastle deserved the 3 points and I was saying before the game Ba would score. I thought United were strong enough to win however but look what happens when you drop your in form striker for the over-hyped Rooney. Newcastle deserved all 3 points and it will spur them on to go for a Europa spot this season.

neoragex4523d ago

"the whole of the Sports Direct Arena is singing "Colleen is a slapper, she wears a wonder bra... And when she's shaggin' Rooney she thinks of Demba Ba!"

buddymagoo4523d ago

Are you sure you are not a Man Utd fan. You follow us more than you're own team. We are only 3 points behind a team that has spent 400m.

For a weakened squad we are doing fantastic. Players just coming back to fitness and a few key players missing.

Newcastle played well and deserved the win. We just have to accept it and move on.

United Never Die!

b163o14523d ago

Appreciate that 3point cushion United, LMAO!

In Sir Alex You'll Trust.... ;)

buddymagoo4523d ago

1996/97 - Manchester United concede 11 goals in 2 games. We were hammered by title rivals. At one point, we were far behind in the title race. We won the title!

2008/09 - Manchester United concede 6 goals in 2 games. We were hammered by title rivals. At one point, we were far behind in the title race. We won the title!

2011/12 - Manchester United concede 6 goals in 2 games. We were hammered by title rivals. At one point, we were far behind in the title race....


ProjectVulcan4523d ago (Edited 4523d ago )

United are as poor as i have seen them in 7 years...and yet...and yet....they are still only 3 points off the summit.

This is not to be sniffed at. When you look at how far behind Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool have fallen. A poor United squad is still better off than virtually every other club in the league. If City had not been able to blow half a billion on their squad, who do you think would be sat atop the league right now?

United may struggle to retain the title this season, performances like this have come along too often. But i fully expect them to take this to the wire and for Ferguson to assemble one more great side to vanquish City like he has Chelsea before he walks out that door the last time.

RedDevils4523d ago (Edited 4523d ago )

Of course we trust Sir Alex, is just the team let him down

OT: The team play like shit, including Rooney major disappointment hope we get out this mess, as I know we probably not gonna win the title this season, but hope the team surprise me, as we all know we're entering the rebuilding stage even though we did better than last season, I guess all top teams play poor these last two seasons

NewMonday4523d ago

Best united player out their was Haward Webb

But even he can't do it all alone :/

Don't worry mancie's the FA will pull you out like they usually do ;p

mcstorm4522d ago

@vulcanproject I totally agree with you. People are calling this united side the worst under SAF yet its been out best start to the season in along time. We have 9 players out and have a lot of new young faces in the squad and lost Garry and Paul at the end of last season.

I watched Your on Sky sports last night and the amount of United fans that were saying SAF should quit and he has lot it really need to wake up. If that's how you feel then go and support another team as people said this when we went 3 Yes 3 seasons with out the league and yet we went on to win the league, FA Cup, Carling cup and Champions league again under SAF.

We can not win the league every year its not possible but the teams that have been up and around us over the lest few seasons are now going through a change in there Squad just like Untied are but we are the only ones fighting for the league with a Squad that has cost City around £400 Million. Now for them to be only 3 points above us at this point in the season says a lot about the united squad and the manager. This has been one of the worst injury hit united sides in a long time yet we are not dropping daft points like the gunners, Liverpool or Chelsea.

I am not taking anything away from Newcastle they were the better team on the night but just because we have lost 2 games in a row dose not mean united have lost the league. It is January and there are another 4 and a half months left of the season and Both Untied and City will drop more points along the way.

The season is not made up of one or two games its made up of 38 game.

We are starting to get out big names back now and give them a few games to get back into the swing of things and we will start picking up the points again.

So stop going on with your self United fans and get behind the team and manager. If you don't want to go and support another team as we will not miss you as real united fans trust SAF just like the saying in SAF we trust UNITED we stand.

Shadow Flare4522d ago

Kicked out of the champions league too, in the easiest group

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neoragex4523d ago (Edited 4523d ago )

@OptaManc: 2003 - Manchester United have lost their first game with Howard Webb refereeing since 2003.”


KonohagakureFC4523d ago

He was terrible again today anyways, Ba should've had a pen in the first half before the goal but what did England's finest give? Nada

djslapdash4523d ago

I just love how United fans keep going on about Man C billions. Before Abramovich, it was United who were the serial big spenders in the PL. Every season MU would splash around £80+ mill.

Being a gunner, although trophies would be nice. I find it astonishing that we are around teams that have splashed 3x more than us in transfers and wages over the past 5 years.

Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, Spuds and MC should be far away from us. Yet we still can see Man C in the distance, even with a squad that is half available.

RedDevils4523d ago

except we don't even need the owner to have an income of over 100ml every season, compare to the like of Chelsea and City who only make looses

ProjectVulcan4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

Arsenal are a well run club financially. They do a lot without spending much. However surely you have to question the fact as the second richest side in England (in terms of value and revenue) you haven't won a sausage in nearly 7 years. 7 years and not even a league cup or community shield! This is tragic when even Portsmouth and Birmingham have won something in that time.

I don't see how this is acceptable with the stature Arsenal claim. A football club's aim has to be to win things, not to make a profit? I know that in today's game football is a business and ideally you do both.

But if you are proud of the fact your club is a good business rather than a great winning team then i feel sorry for you.

I would NEVER find that acceptable if i were an Arsenal fan, and would demand better. Being shown balance sheets to placate you instead of silverware and you accepting that is a terrible thing IMO.

MaximusPrime4523d ago

Man U are on fire.. no wait...

buddymagoo4523d ago

I could be worse, we could be Chelsea.

Gamer19824523d ago

Indeed the last team that should be giving Utd stick is Chelsea fans lol.

Mozilla894523d ago

Hey at least he's not as bad as DavidLuiz4, he REALLY makes us Chelsea fans look bad haha.

Mozilla894523d ago

Especially for my fantasy team!

topgeareasy4523d ago (Edited 4523d ago )

We need Sneijder or someone equal to

but you guys don't listen and say we don't him then this sh*t happens (not just once) but we should rely on youth lol

Gamer19824523d ago

One player won't make a change several of my red pals say a lot of players like Nani and Carrick need to be replaced with real quality and I agree at least with Carrick anyway I think Nani is a decent performer even as a backup if anything.

topgeareasy4523d ago

"One player won't make a change"

but a missing puzzle piece makes a full puzzle and man utd's missing puzzle piece is creativity. he can fill the gap in that department.

Corepred44523d ago

your pals are retarded if they want to replace nani. he's usually one of the best on the pitch!

RedDevils4523d ago

I guess you never watch Carrick play, you got the Media brainwash you, btw please go to Manchester and watch the game if you're actually from Manchester that is. Carrick is a player that doesn't get credit for his work, but all get the blame plastic fans

ProjectVulcan4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

United need a couple new players but there is an injury problem right now. Vidic is one player that is sorely missed and he is one player that would make a huge difference. Jones and Ferdinand were run ragged by Newcastle's pacey frontline, i could never see Vidic allowing that he takes games by the scruff of the neck.

However as much as people urge Ferguson to buy it should be left in his hands. He doesn't want to just patch up this team and spend a bunch of money looking for a quick fix. This has NEVER been the policy of the club and Ferguson. Chelsea tried to do this by blowing 50 million on Torres last January, and that has probably been the worst transfer in british football history so far.

We have seen what has happened to the money spent by Liverpool and Dalglish looking for a quickie fix to get competitive- they have wasted a fortune on mediocre buys like Carroll and Downing.

If this title has to be let slip for Ferguson to get the build and balance right for next season and beyond then i back him to the hilt. He will know as anyone else United need players but he will deny it as much as possible to keep confidence in his current squad and stop prices inflating too much.

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