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Patrice Evra in N-word video outburst

RACE row soccer star Patrice Evra was filmed spouting the n-word on a French television show.

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buddymagoo3981d ago

Just to point out to everybody getting excited with themselves.

This was all an act for a television show in France, so If anyone is responsible it is the television show producers. He was just playing a role, like we see in many films.

NewMonday3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

hi nice lie, i saw the full clip, he was calling Jimy Floyed Hasselbank "Nigger", he was a Chelsea striker and not a friend of Evra.


and in Uruguay using the n word on each other makes ZERO difference when it comes to racism , but you rejected that argument

neoragex3980d ago

And reports like this is what Evra and Ferdinand have brought to the game. I hope all the supporters of these two players found some contentment in their sadly incomplete lives.

Rage_S903980d ago

newmonday you make me sad to be a human being.

RedDevils3980d ago

It's seem looserpool fans are desperate

buddymagoo3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

New monday, the only liar here is you! "broadcast on French TV channel Canal+" It is a skit, kind of like what they do on Soccer Am over here in the UK.

Ares84HU3980d ago

We live in an oversensitive world. In a world where you can't point out facts about people and can't call them what they are because it's racist unless that person is white.

White people can't say anything at all because it's racist. Even to give a look at a person of a different color will brand a white person as a racist. But if you are black, you can do or say whatever because it's can't be racist if you are black.

That is how life today works. if you don't agree, you should open your eyes. I'm fucking fed up with this shit.

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Killzoned3981d ago

Was he directing it at anyone? No
Suarez WAS


HxCGamer3981d ago

well if he says niggas while looking, clearly, at someone, then he is directing it to someone... but he is black so i guess he is allowed to say it

NewMonday3980d ago


directing it at Jimy Floyed Hasselbank

now will you change your opinion or change your argument? hmmm

listenkids3980d ago

@newmonday just so you know, "niggas" is plural, meaning more than one, meaning every player he mentioned, not directed at hasslebank, stop trying to make it seem worse for your sad benefit, grow up.

krazykombatant3981d ago

He said Negro, not nigger.

Black people are idiotic, expect themselves to be treated equally but they still call themselves niggers?!?!?! what the hell??? if they want to overcome this racial standard, don't let words like Negro and Black offend you, its who you are. When you can learn to embrace that then you can start giving shit at people who try to demean you.

But hell your a Man U fan soo your bias attitude makes since.

OldParr3981d ago

Really dude!!! Negro or Black that is who you are!!! so labeling people just because thats the way you see it is ok to you. would you like to be label as an immature internet prick just because of that pikachu avatar or the ignorant statement that you just posted above??!! just as I thought!!

silvacrest3981d ago

wow....really? are you that stupid to come out with a blanket statement like that, do you also think all black people look the same too??....

im going to clarify what you have failed to understand, SOME black people use the N to lessen its significance, but mostly SOME black people use it instead of the word hommie/friend/pal etc, the word has been modified some what which i think is better then never uttering it for fear of insulting someone

black people using the n word on each other makes ZERO difference when it comes to racism because that one word is nothing compared to all the other offensive acts that take place

if u dont no what your talking about just......stop

Anderson83980d ago

you say they're stupid for calling themselfs the n*****s but then you ask that the embrace it as its who they are which is exactly what is done by saying it to eachother so i dont understand what your point is.. all you say just seems a bit racist to be honest.

Infernostew3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

He was acting in a Tv show. I don't go around thinking Dean Winters (better known as Mayhem in the allstate commercials) as a racist because he says the n word, and to black people, in the tv show OZ.


What the hell was that?
Is that how Evra's voice sounds like? Did he just call Lampard a nigger? and what kind of fucked up TV show was this?!

Nes_Daze3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

If Evra was in Liverpool, and Suarez in United, this would be different. That's all it comes down to. So what if he called him "black"? WTF is that really an 8 game suspension? Understand that things have a different level of malice across languages. Americans call each other stupid all the time, but if I was younger and I called my dad stupid in spanish, I would've flown across the room. They're not stopping racism, they're just covering it with a blanket and being ignorant, meanwhile MU fans soak up the "hey you're justifying racism" crap. *sigh*, crazy sports fans.

Infernostew3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

"If the FA do find him guilty of racial abuse, I hope they set an example of him with a harsh punishment. If this were the other way around, then I would hope that Evra would have the same long punishment even as a United supporter. In this day and age, racism is unforgivable and doesn't belong in such a beautiful game as football. They need to put and end to it quickly, especially with multiple accusations of racism within a couple months time."


"Wow, this is so pathetic that even though found guilty, people are still trying to justify Suarez's actions. I don't know where most of you on here are from but racially abusing someone is uncalled for and certainly inexcusable in a beautiful game such as football. Yes, I'm a United supporter so you can say that I have a certain bias in this matter but if the tables were turned I would hope that Evra would've gotten the same penalty as Suarez did. An 8 match ban is certainly a good punishment to prove that the FA will not put up with this kind of behavior in the future and I hope to see this kind of treatment to anyone who is charged and then found guilty of this offense."

No matter if the player was on my team or not, I would never stand behind and defend them for such an unnecessary act. You're a moron saying "If Evra was in Liverpool, and Suarez in United, this would be different" because it would be no different except I would be disappointed in my player and not making up lame excuses.

Rage_S903980d ago

Take your rose tinted glasses off.

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