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Highlights: Liverpool 0-0 Stoke City (English Premier League - 14/01/12)

No goals in this one.

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NewMonday3821d ago

half the team needs to be bitch slapped

Anderson83821d ago

7 anfield draws this season and its not surprising when u have 1 upfront at home

Mozilla893821d ago

'Pool fans would rather you say they are undefeated at home. They're always an optimistic group those Scousers.

kulka3821d ago

We lack creativity in the final third Suarez was badly missed.. as well as a real goal scorer Kuyt just won't do it any more we are wasting to many chances

kane_lfc3821d ago

We need to get rid of Carroll...he doesn't fit in at Liverpool.

kane_lfc3821d ago

Remember the young Mexican lad, Marco Bueno that signed a precontract with LFC? He scored 2 goals today in his debut for the Pachuca 1st team!

kulka3821d ago

yes he will be good but he still needs at least 3-4 years to develope we need talented strikers right now

freeduck3821d ago

Don't know why there was such a defensive lineup at home. We should've played an attacking formation from the beginning. Isolating Carroll up front will not help him score goals. Created a couple good chances, Kuyt missed an open header

This squad needs a new winger, striker, and DM.