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'I think he ate a motor!' - Manchester United's Patrice Evra hails Antonio Valencia's performance

The defender has praised the Ecuadorian after his stunning display in his preferred position in midfield, while Michael Carrick says the winger must be difficult to play against.

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kane_lfc3975d ago

Its not possible, he wouldn't be able to digest a motor.

buddymagoo3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Manchester United articles = Ever present Kane

Liverpool articles = No Kane

Kane = Closet Devil???

kane_lfc3975d ago

Anyone who disagrees with the comment is clearly an idiot because you think someone can digest a motor...

buddymagoo3975d ago

Kane have you surrendered yet?? I can send you a spare United shirt if you want! I only ever find you in Manchester united articles??? What is that all about?

kane_lfc3975d ago

Yes I am in need of that Man Utd shirt..for toilet paper.

Please send me it.

buddymagoo3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Kane do us a favour, go show some support for your own team in the highlights article. Liverpool need some support in these difficult times.

GJ- Fantastic!

While you're over here trying to slate my team, yours is crumbling to 7th. They need all the support they can get and you would think that you would have learnt that all the hate just makes Manchester united fans and team stronger. After all, we are UNITED!

GJ233975d ago

Liverpool 0 stoke 0 - 4 comments

Man utd 3 bolton 0 - 28 comments

They only like football when United play.

@ kane_lfc

Easily digestible motor. It's great to see everything you say get proven as bullsh*t

ProjectVulcan3975d ago

Valencia is a great player and one of the best wingers in the premier league....when he plays right midfield. For a long time now down to injuries in the squad the poor guy had been asked to play right back and did his duty, the best he could. But we know where he is best and that is beating people and whipping in the crosses.

Was very pleased to see him back to his best in that game and playing where he wants to.

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Abdou233975d ago

You just look at Valencia's performance again and you will know that it's possible.

mcstorm3975d ago

He is an amazing player a d with him and raffa on right with nani and evra on he left united are dangerous. Now with scholes and Carrick in centre united will sart to pickup the points in he last few months of the season. Come you reds lets make it no 20

FlashXIII3974d ago

I think Valencia is somewhat of an unsung hero at utd.. he's up there with Nani imho and far more consistent. Not to mention him and Rooney's link up play together is up there with Cole and Yorke's

kudakadere3974d ago

it's good that it may be a 2013 game , it means that there's probably another exclusive we haven't heard from coming in 2012 , God of war ?