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krazykombatant3821d ago

*sigh* where to even start.... First of all props to Cristiano Ronaldo, I felt that he played with the heart that was needed for a rivalry match and one of importance.

However, the rest of the team was pathetic once again. Mou must see things in the practice that the rest of the world doesn't.

Why was Antilop starting?!? At least he kept khedira on the bench, carvalho had a great match considering he hasn't played all season. But still Sergio Ramos was all over the place, the whole defence was playing to the refs whistle and hoping/praying that the offside trap worked every single time. play for the damn ball until you hear the damn whistle, i'm pretty sure thats the way everyone has been brought up playing the game.

I blame mou for having RM park the bus right after the goal at the 11 minute mark. Absolute disgrace, sur40e start dropping back if you score around the 60-70 min mark but not the 11. Once again Real Madrid scored early and then just sat there waiting to be taken advantage of. Keep attacking! Don't give them the luxury of stringing 20-30+ and just not do anything.

The team is lacking the tough mentality and psychological toughness when facing barca.. I was watching it on Sky sports, and every other time their faces were down as if they had already given up, this was prior to even the tie!

1st goal was crap defending by RM, pepe's responsibility to cover his man.

Which brings up the last thing which really irked me, I understand the physicality and the pushing and shoving and sometimes nasty tackles thats all fine, its part of the game and hell its a rivalry match i want to see them at each others throats. But that brute of pepe, there is no need to step on a mans foot, when its right next to you, sure I could be the ultimate fan and say "hey well messi shouldn't put his hand in front of pepe's foot" but that was dirty and totally done on purpose, he does not deserve the right wear that jersey.

I don't care how good he might be in defending but that was thuggish and not needed.

Mou needs to get his head out of his @ss and figure out a way to build up courage and motivation in the team, otherwise doesn't matter if we have the lead. It's going to be hard as hell to win 2-0 at the camp nou let alone hold a 1-0 lead the whole match. THey needed to win here and they botched it. Serves them right for playing mediocre after scoring the goal.

Other than that, i think the ref was pretty good for the most part, madrid got lucky this wasn't a blow out. Here's hoping that next weeks match is a lot better for RM.

Kur03821d ago

I was shocked he started both Higuain and Benzema, we did not have a creative midfielder and altintop as rightback wtf? Mou is an idiot.

Anderson83821d ago

i thought Antilop was your best defender kept iniesta quiet all game... pepe should definitely of not played tho and defending tactics arent the way to beat barca they had way too much possesion

buddymagoo3821d ago

I thought Altintop was Madrid's best player last night.

Pepe ruined it for Madrid with no stoping Puyol getting the header and the that whole episode with Messi.

One thing we still know is Madrid still have a long way to go (defending all game) and can any big team ever outplay Barca???

ProjectVulcan3821d ago

Madrid have a psychological block with Barcelona. They can match them, but they have to keep pressing and play their normal attacking game. Seeing Madrid take a step back to defend after the goal was disappointing.

Once they break this psychological block from feeling they are inferior, they will be able to take Barcelona.

Mourinho is a fighter and although some might question his lineups, he will get it right sooner rather than later.

Madrid are not quite the finished article but anyone can see they have made major progress the past year and are closer to Barcelona than ever...

Ninjamonkey823821d ago

RM are Primadonnas and see what Ronaldo did there that was = to jesus walking on water its a one time thing in afraid. :D

zeddy3821d ago

lol pepe and coentrao bullying little messi.

terrorofdeath3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Come on Pepe. Really?

dcortz20273821d ago

I knew it was going to be a very close match and a Barcelona win, better luck next time Real Madrid!

buddymagoo3821d ago

What did you watch? Close match??? Madrid had very few chances and Barca had most of the possession and hit the bar twice. Other than Ronaldo scoring I can't remember a decent Madrid attack in that game.

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The story is too old to be commented.