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Moyes: I tried to launch Everton 'B' team

Everton manager David Moyes has revealed his attempts to get a Toffees 'B' team into the Conference were scuppered by red tape.

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freeduck3564d ago

Rafa commented on how the premiership academies can improve in England. The FA should adopt Spain's model, that is the academy gets placed in real divisions and can go through promotions/relegations. This gives kids the experience, and motivation to do well, and ultimately guages the strength of the players and the academies.

KingPin3563d ago

dont they have a reserve side league in the EPL?

or are those just friendlies?

freeduck3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

They have reserve leagues but it's not really the same concept. In Spain, the reserves or "B" team play in actual national lower leagues, that compete with smaller other cities and provinces and the reserve squad can get relegated/promoted like any other real team.
In England the reserves just play against other reserves as friendlies and occasionally they play for a cup, it's not the same idea.

3563d ago