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Adult film star offers job to Juventus keeper Gianluigi Buffon after wife's sex comments

The Italy No.1 has been asked to enter the adult film business by a well-known porn star after the shot stopper's wife praised her husband's skills in the bedroom.

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Play2Win3894d ago

One of the best goal keeper in history.

ChiVoLok03894d ago

Your comment made me laugh pretty hard. Also, watch all of this be a lie and him turning out to be 'average' in bed. I think he should stick to football though.

Theo11303894d ago

Finally buffon will feel of the joy of putting a couple behind the net instead being on the receiving end.

XboxInnovation3894d ago

There is really no such thing as one person being good in bed, it's all about how you interpret what is happening to you into your imagination to bring yourself to climax.

HD_GAMER19893894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

lol its about being able to overwealm a girl and to recognize her body and how she reacts to what you do so you can keep doing it or stop and try something different that makes a girl climax. also it helps to be passionate and unpredictable. however on topic i think none of those characteristics are required for porn cause most of the time sex is thought out and planned by the director. so what makes you good in bed doesnt mean ull do good in porn if you cant do what the director wants then you wont go far. porn isnt just filming two people do it. lol thats called amateur. porn has scripts and a fat hairy guy with a camera telling you what to do so if that bothers you then porn is not for you. from the looks of porn it seems most male porn stars have no talent or passion. just muscles a fake tan and a girl that is good at faking it. half the time they have average cocks lol.

so conclusion being good in bed does not equal being a good porn star. once you add a camera man and a script it changes everything. they prob just want him cause hes a famous soccer player. cause really porn is all about the girls lol hence why you see so many fat hairy guys with 4inch cocks with a 1 position arsenal, banging insanely hot girls.

2pacalypsenow3894d ago

if your girl really enjoys it then your good

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