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Ronaldo to put Premier League on red alert as Madrid star plots return to England

Cristiano Ronaldo is considering a stunning return to the Premier League after growling disillusioned with life at Real Madrid.

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buddymagoo4021d ago

I don't see why he would want to stay in Madrid. He is the whole reason Madrid are doing so well but for some reason not appreciated. While he was always appreciated at Manchester United.

KingPin4020d ago

something tells me he will go to man city. mainly coz they are the only english club at the moment who can keep paying his ridiculously high salary. i dont think SAF or MUFC would pay him as much as he earns now and i dont think he is going to take a pay cut to play at MUFC.

Ronaldo also shown that he can adapt and play football at any club and still do well as a team so there really isnt anything holding him back from going to man city.

ZizouZidane104020d ago

What are you on about? We do appreciate him, he is are best player by far and he is the top scorer in La Liga, non of your PL teams can afford him (Even city cant with the FFP rules coming in hence why they didn't spend in January) and I don't think he want Europa League ;)

ProjectVulcan4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

I am not so sure. City have all the money, but he knows his glory days at United have still not been matched by his time at Madrid. The current Madrid team is top notch, but i don't think it is better than United's 2008 champions league winning side.

When he left United he left because as a child all he ever wanted to do was play for Madrid, and they were the only club that turned his head. Fair play to him, United got a good price and Ronaldo got his dream, he didn't move because of the wage he was already on big wages at United.

When he left, he said he could return to United one day! He has said it numerous times at Madrid, that yes, if he ever left he would love to go back to United. Ferguson has said yes, he would always love to have him back. The United fans still have him as an icon of the club and chant his name at games.

City might have the money, but United have his heart and mind.

I don't really believe it is possible, he would still command a price tag of at least 50 million even if he had a strop and forced a move. United COULD afford this if it was the only transfer say next summer, and they could afford to match Rooney's wages too i bet. They should get a nice boost over a renegotiated shirt deal this year.

The reason i don't believe it is possible is just because i don't think the relationship is that bad at Madrid for him to really want to come away just yet. It'll have to get a lot worse.

krazykombatant4020d ago

If we win La liga and champions I don't see why he would leave.

RedDevils4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Well he won everything With us, but he still leave, and Don't be surprise if he do, even if you do a double this year by winning both CL and la liga

krazykombatant4020d ago

Sure he has deserved the criticism, he got from the RM v Barca game earlier this year. He has now elevated his game in the Barca games, but scoring more frequently.

If they it all this year I don't see a reason for him to take step back in going back to the premier league. Sure its close between ManU and occasionally other teams. Man U is not the same team from when they won it all. Right now RM closing the gap with Barca. By winning La Liga they will closed it and hopefully get rid of the scare factor when they face them.

If we win it all this year no reason as to why he doesn't win Balloon d'or next year

XboxInnovation4020d ago

This is just English media making stuff up to try and create hype and headlines towards their league. The article says Ronaldo misses Old Trafford and Sir Alex but then the article says Manchester City would be the favs to get him. How does that make any sense? It's obviously made up.

ZizouZidane104020d ago

Its almost as bad as that story linking Lampard to Man U >_<

The mirror aren't half coming up with loads of BS!