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Hiddink eyeing England role

Sky Sports sources understand former Holland manager Guus Hiddink is interested in becoming the next England boss following Fabio Capello's resignation.

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ZizouZidane103887d ago

He is Englands best option...Redknapps an idiot who has no respect for players plus he has barely ever won anything...but they sacked Capello who has won many titles with us and other teams plus the CL...guess international football doesnt suit him.


'they sacked Capello'?
Last I heard, Capello resigned over something really stupid.

There's no point in picking a foreigner for the job because no matter how great he is, the fans and the media are going to complain and criticise every little thing he does just because he isn't English.

You might not like Redknapp but he's clearly the best option we got at the moment. He won the FA Cup with Portsmouth and has made Tottenham the 3rd best team in the country and he's known for making his teams play great football.

I'm rapidly losing intrest in International football so just give him the frickin job already so the media can shut up about it.

Yi-Long3887d ago

... they do it to sell papers, and sadly, printing crap about people, regardless of who they are or where they're from, will sell those papers.

Hiddink would be a good choice for any nation or club.