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Highlights: Norwich City 1-2 Manchester United (English Premier League - 26/02/12)

0-1 Paul Scholes 7′
1-1 Grant Holt 84'
1-2 Ryan Giggs 90+1′

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buddymagoo3992d ago

Could have it been anyone else other than Giggs to save the day on his 900th appearance in the 90th minute

goku323593992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

Wow! 900th appearance and a 90 min goal?! That's a bit too weird lol

NewMonday3992d ago

Giggs is also 90 years old

ProjectVulcan3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

Not bad for a 90 year old then. Still has more class than virtually every midfielder in the league.

The guy is still playing at the top level for the champions and changing games. That is how good he is.

Norwich are a good side at home, it was never going to be easy. Their home record is comparable to Liverpool's in terms of goals scored and points gained. So don't be fooled into thinking United didn't have a fight on today.

United will not quit. Once again it is shown why they must never ever be written off until it is all over. City must have been excited seeing the score but once again watched the fighting spirit of champions right to the end.

NewMonday3991d ago

i meant it as a joke and a complement

krazykombatant3992d ago

ufff close win for man u. Goes to show that this team are going to need more than what they have now for next seasonl

buddymagoo3992d ago

We have enough for what we need right now. We are two points behind the leaders with our Captain injured all season. Rooney out injured at the moment too!

krazykombatant3992d ago

well if cared to noticed I meant next year!

Your pretty close to the leaders which is no small feat but still. Man u need to get some new young guns and put the old ones *cough* giggs *cough* to rest.

Yeah i understand he scored the winning goal and what not. But soo what? Its time for the new guys to prove themselves if he wants to be a mentor and what not. He can get a position at man u like zidane has at RM.

RedDevils3992d ago

Did you notice half of our squad are injured? They just recently get back slowly to fitness

Infernostew3992d ago

Two of the old timers showing the young boys how to do it! So great to see both Scholes and Giggs on the scoresheet at the same time. Great service on both goals by Nani and Young as well. We didn't play our best today but Norwich are not a club to be taken lightly. Great to grab the 3 points and keep this title race interesting.

Gamer19823992d ago

The old boys saving united again! Imagine where they would be if they were retired and Scholes didnt come back? No depth at all in the team. when them 2 finally retire United are gonna struggle and become the next Arsenal. Saying that they are showing Chelsea age doesn't mean a thing when it comes to winning.

buddymagoo3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

City must be a really bad team then going off what you say, to be only two points ahead of us, with our oldies. Imagine if they were in their prime you wouldn't have a chance. We just have that fighting spirit!

Mancini spent 250m to be 2 points in front, lol. 125m a point!! You'll never be able to win a treble like us with 6 Academy players in the first team.

krazykombatant3992d ago

A title non the less. A title in which they beat man u to get it. What matters is the end result.

asmith23063991d ago

Its not like Utd have never spent money. He's right, when Giggs and Scholes go for good Utd will struggle unless they buy in midfield. How long have people being saying they need better midfielders? In saying that I don't think they will become the next Arsenal haha!

GJ233992d ago

"No depth at all in the team"

Coming from the team who had to loan a 30+ year old player to plug the gap in a £350 million squad.

A team who lost 5 points due to 2 players going to the ACN.

Manchester United have dealt with injuries to nearly every player in the team superbly, keeping pace with the team at the top.

RedDevils3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

Talking about depth your team struggle when Kompany and Yaya are away lol Btw try and watch your team once in awhile

guigsy3991d ago

Any side would be left reeling from losing Giggs and Scholes, they are two of the best players ever to play the game.

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Abdou233992d ago

I don't understand why Fergie. uses the fall back strategy all the time,especially against much weaker teams,giving them the chance to advance and create chances.We sometimes make the game hard for ourselves.
I also don't understand why he always prefers Wellbeck over Chicharito.He could have cost us the game today with all his missing chances and not just today.

GJ233992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

Welbeck is a much better player than Chicarito IMO. Chicarito is a fantastic poacher and finisher but he cannot pass or dribble. He also has a problem with being offside most of the time disrupting the build up play meaning the opposition gets the ball more often than they should.

Welbeck is a more complete player in my opinion.

Fully agree with the falling back and defending the lead point though. It has happened too many times this season and could be costly.

kulka3992d ago

Hernandez is some finisher though he is a type of striker who plays around the last defender very quick striker that's why he is offside a lot but when he succeeds being on side then he gets into those one one's situation's very good striker

sure he does not need to dribble a lot when he's got Rooney, nani alongside but he is provides attacking options

GJ233992d ago

I understand that, it's just Chicarito is one of the fastest players in the league. I dont see why he is always level of offside against the last man. He could have a yard on most defenders and still beat them to the ball.

RedDevils3992d ago

"I dont see why he is always level of offside against the last man. He could have a yard on most defenders and still beat them to the ball"

Because he get better advantages that way

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