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Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says Ryan Giggs' appearance record will not be beaten

The Red Devils manager is confident the Welshman’s record haul of 900 games for a single club will never be overhauled.

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Abdou233867d ago

Az amazing as it is, i think it will be beaten.Maybe someone like Casillas.

buddymagoo3867d ago

Casillas is on 444 and is 30. He will have to double that then a little more for him to do the same so I very much doubt it.

Giggs is a phenomenon.

Abdou233867d ago

Actually he is about to make his 600th appearance for Real Madrid.

He needs 5 more years which is an easy job for him.

Am not saying many players will beat it,but some seems to be on the right track,And don't forget that records are mad to be beaten.

buddymagoo3867d ago

Ah yes, I stand corrected. I didn't notice it was league games where I looked.

I will say that Casillas could do it but it is nothing compared to an outfield player who runs around 8.5km a game.

Abdou233866d ago

"I will say that Casillas could do it but it is nothing compared to an outfield player who runs around 8.5km a game."

That is one good point.It's a shame that no player on the current squad can even get close to that.

ProjectVulcan3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Casillas could probably manage it as a goalkeeper but he may not even be at Madrid at that age. We'll see. Madrid aren't the sentimental type, even Raul was offloaded when he past his peak.

To put this into perspective, Giggs needs 3 more games to overtake Maldini's club record and Giggs would have reached that a couple of years sooner!

For a defender to reach 900 is quite extraordinary, but a midfielder who didn't even start out in central midfield it is quite something. You really have to play in the first team from 17 or 18 years old for your entire career to stand a chance. 20 years of consistency avoiding too many bad injuries.

To reach 1000 apps for United he will probably have to play until he is at least 41 i.e three and a half seasons or so. Can he do it?

I think it is a big ask, but if anyone can, it is this man.

RGB3864d ago

Difference is Maldini won 5 European Cups and Giggs has only 2.

Casillas will definitely achieve a higher appearance total, 607 at 30. GK usually play until they're 40. Casillas is the best in the world by miles, Real would have to be retarded to sell, sack or replace Casillas.

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johnsonbat3867d ago

The way he's going, Giggs will probably outstay SAF. The guy is a machine.

KingPin3866d ago

i think giggs will call it a day when SAF retires.

johnsonbat3866d ago

Yeah I think you're right. It will be a major seismic event for MANU when they do depart.

RufustheKing3866d ago

maybe he will retire and then in a few months come back out and play for a few months again.