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City's £400m sponsorship deal with Etihad should be banned, says EU watchdog

Clubs such as Manchester City should be prohibited by UEFA from being sponsored by companies closely associated with their owners, a Council of Europe committee has stated.

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kulka3861d ago

very good idea what's the point for finacial fair play if they just going to get a such high sponsoring deals

ProjectVulcan3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

City's sponsorship is nonsense, it is really in place just to give the club more money and bend the financial rules. No other company would pay that sort of money for the sponsorship of a club of City's current status.

Also we know Madrid have been looked upon favourably by the spanish crown for a long time. Their training ground sale was virtually a misuse of public money but it will continue because of their connections.

b163o13861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Sooo if United, R.Madrid, or AC Milan got this sponsorship it would be all dandy. Of there current status? City look to win the EPL, and are guaranteed to challenge for the next 5yrs. What is the problem with a club expanding on It's youth camps, investing in your youth camps equals better home grown talent, meaning less money spent. It only makes sense....


ProjectVulcan3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

City's fan base, attendances and performances do not warrant such a contract, correct. Not even Chelsea got such sponsorship after winning back to back titles- which i remind you City have not even secured their first premier league title yet. To even assume they will this season is preposterously arrogant.

The sole reason they have this deal is because of the connection between the parent companies. Why else would the EU point this out? Why else would UEFA say this is questionable? It is no coincidence.

Only a City fan would think this improper transaction was fine. So no coincidence as you are one, well a new one anyway no doubt.