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Highlights: Athletic Bilbao 2-1 Manchester United ( AGG 5-3 Uefa Europa League - 15/03/12)

1-0 23′ Fernando Llorente Torres
2-0 65′ Óscar De Marcos
2-1 Wayne Rooney 80'

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buddymagoo3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Ahh well, we can concentrate on the league now. Well played Bilbao.

krazykombatant3907d ago

Right come on now, I thought United never die and never surrender and all that jazz... Just a week ago you were saying how it you would beat them. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

buddymagoo3907d ago

Top of League will do just fine for me. Everyone has to take losing from time to time it is part of our game. But....


badz1493907d ago

can't say the same about Bilbao though!

kulka3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Bilbao were a class ahead. now after watching all the Spanish teams and comparing them to the English in Europe, I can say that Spanish league is by far better than the epl this year Bilbao 7th in the league should have been in the double figures against United Premier league better wake up next year..

buddymagoo3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Typical Liverpool fan getting too excited with himself. We missed Nani, Vidic, Valencia, Scholes, Chicharito a major player in every part of the field. Take nothing away from Bilbao they were great but we were far from full strength. We just didn't seem interested.

Leagues have bad years from time to time, watching football over a period of time you would know this. In 2008 there was only one Spanish team in quarter finals of the champions league and 3 English teams in the semi finals. Next year who knows what happens but that is the beauty of football.

kulka3907d ago

There are five Spanish teams left in Europe only two English this got to mean something.

krazykombatant3907d ago

Typical Man U fan reply... "Ohhh we've missed Vidic, nani, Scholes. This is profesional level sports not some amatuers.

I love how when you lose you bring up these excuses and when you win you have the "man u never die" rubbish. So don't make excuses for the team, they know the stakes and its their own fault for not performing not...

By the way earlier this week you said that the league is yours to lose. Well NOW that your out of every cup you can just focus on the league. NOW its Man Uniteds title to lose, there should be no other distractions.

Ben Dover3907d ago

"We just didn't seem interested."

This isn't a matter of interest. This is a matter of being outclassed and performing horrible which is a totally different thing. Even if you had all the players you mentioned Bilbao would still qualify to the next stage.

buddymagoo3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

The trolls all come out to play when United lose.

"Typical Man U fan reply... "Ohhh we've missed Vidic, nani, Scholes. This is profesional level sports not some amatuers."

You telling me teams can't miss big players??? If Madrid lose Ronaldo, Barca lose Messi then they will be missed that's just a fact. We miss our captain our leader and solid rock at the back. Go troll somewhere else talking all that anti football nonsense.

Champions! Top of the league!

ProjectVulcan3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

I think it is a matter of interest, on the part of the management and the players. In the first leg had it been a Champions league tie does anyone realistically think that Ferdinand, Carrick, Scholes, Nani and Welbeck would not have all been named and playing? Scholes didn't even make that squad.

They all started against West Brom on Sunday- except Nani who was injured inbetween and almost certainly would have started too.

Take NOTHING away from Bilbao because over the two legs they deserved to go through this is not an excuse.

But even the dumbest of United haters would have to admit for a competition that was claimed to matter to the management and players they sure as hell didn't show it in the team selections and effort on the field....

Even when United pulled one back with 10 minutes to play they didn't seem to be in any hurry. This was not Manchester United playing with maximum effort and a comeback in mind.

Bilbao might just have beaten United over two legs with a fully committed United side as they were excellent. But we'll never really know, and United will failing some crazy collapse be in the Champions League next season. Bilbao won't. Thats really what matters more to Ferguson and the team IMO.

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ProjectVulcan3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

United never looked interested if i am honest. From kick off what was required was clear but they just never raised the tempo and played well below what they are capable of. Casual passing, jogging around. Minimal work effort. Just watching Rafael lose the ball IN HIS OWN AREA(!) to two Bilbao attackers and no other defenders react, stood about letting him deal with it was amazing.

Bilbao put in maximum effort, closed down constantly and had the desire and motivation to take the game to United in both legs. They got only what they deserved, nothing less. They were by far the better team. Hats off to them and they can easily go on to win the whole competition playing as they did.

My intention is not to question the result or make excuses for United, but they way they played and the teams fielded by Ferguson in a couple of the legs kind of show Manchester United never really had their hearts in it. City looked very much the same too in the first half.

I don't think this is some sort of epic disaster for either club, because they will only be both in the Champions League again in 6 months. Maybe they will learn from it and i am pretty sure City will be better in the top competition next year. United can only be better too after the complacency against teams they should beat, no matter how poor you think their current squad is.

Corepred43907d ago

If Bilbao had better finishers it would have been 5 goals instead of 2. Even the commentator said United's defense made that back look like Messi, you can tell he panicked though it should have been an easy kick in. Chelsea's confidence soaring right now a problem for City. This probably knocked United's down a peg so we'll see if it effects United.

KingPin3907d ago

united played completely crap tonight.
if any team gets outplayed like that they deserve to be knocked out the competition.

yes, im a united supporter, but that was far from what im used to seeing from our team.

well played to bilbao. wish them all the luck in the competition.

GanjaMan3907d ago

Lmfao united are shit this year in Europe, can't even make it in Europa hahaa

KingPin3907d ago

rriiiiiiiiiight and liverpool is doing extraordinary well in England alone nevermind europe.

see you in europa/UCL next season....oh wait...this is liverpool we talking about. nevermind. continue trolling. its all you have left.

GanjaMan3907d ago

Hahaa mate I don't even support Liverpool u fool! Fuck knows where u got that idea from and yh u will see us in UFL next year. Also at least we got into the knockout stages this year and our comeback fell just short. You got beat in both legs by a team in 7th in la liga and ur home form is shit, old trafford is no longer a fortress in Europe, teams who play there sent scarred anymore cause they knOw they can outplay u!

KingPin3906d ago

"....our comeback fell just short."

spoken like a true loser. dude, it doesnt matter whether you lose by 10 goals or 1 goal, losing is losing.

bottom line... are you still in europe? did you get knocked out the same round as united? if your answers are no and yes respectfully you shouldn't be laughing that hard.

GanjaMan3906d ago

Hahaa mate there is a big difference in getting knocked out in champions league than in Europa league that's like comparing a 1 or 2 star hotel to a 5 star hotel so you have no valid point + if we were in Europa (which btw will never happen) we would have already got further than you and put in better performances than your efforts, which btw were shambles. Man u who!?

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