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We're still the best league in the world

It has been a sobering few weeks for English clubs in Europe, Chelsea aside. After both the Manchester clubs went out of the Europa League on Thursday, the popular conclusion seems to be: ‘Best league in the world? Not a chance! That’s Spain by miles.’

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Corepred43853d ago

Lol, I like how the chart shows how many times EPL teams have REACHED the Champion's League Final but forget to mention how many times they've lost! lol

Either way, this argument will never be won. Why even try.

NewMonday3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

yes, the past couple of years Spain is the empire of football, national team+ league, even the so called mid-table teams can give the PL top 4 the run around

Rowland3852d ago

there's no argument I'm afraid.

Barcelona is the best club team in Europe & the world right now.

Spain is the best national side in the world.

Italys Serie A is the most unappealing league to watch. Even in Italy.

The English Premier League is (and has been for several years) the most entertaining & popular WORLDWIDE by FAR (Worldwide viewing figures are staggering) which makes it factually the best league in the world.

mcstorm3851d ago

I have to agree with you here. I remember the last World cup when we were playing the USA and me and all my mates got into a conversation about how good the Endland football team really were and then got onto the conversation about the EPL and we came up with the consultation the English (as in our selfs) make the league and England team seem batter than they are.

If you look at the best leagues in the world and the best teams for that matter how many English players play in them? This would be none.

So to me this shows that we are not good enough in term's of world football and out side of our own country.

Yes we have one of the best leagues in the world and some of the best players in the world but we don't have the best teams or players in the world. We are a greedy league and the EPL is all about money. Look at Chelsea and Manchester City for example. Chelsea are trying to buy a Champions league cup and City are trying to buy the league. This is not what football is about it is about passion and ok I have been spoilt over the years as a Manchester United fan as they have been at the top of the EPL for along time now but if you look at the players SAF has brought in and pushed out it has never been about money for him or his players (Apart form Rooney) Look at the Tevez mess at City SAF said this would happen and this is why he did not sign him. yes we have spent some big money transfers on the likes of reo ect but then look at players like Valencia, Young, Welbeck, Little P even Ronaldo's price was low for the type of player he turned into.

For me at this moment in time Barca and Madrid are the two best teams in the world and by along way in la liga but la liga is the a very tight league to be in at the moment and in my eyes better than the EPL too.

shadowraiden3852d ago

lol so what is barcelona is best team in world(even though they wont win their own league) the spanish league is a 2 leg pony why would u watch it when u know the outcome of the season before the season has even started.

Also the El Classico's recently have been shockingly poor and ive seen better championship matches then you get to premiership and u have great matches all the time when its between the big teams just look at this season man u v arsenal,man u v man city, city v chelsea etc

asmith23063851d ago

What!? The last few El Classicos have been great!

krazykombatant3851d ago

lol and man u is in line to win the 5th title in 6 years, what does that say about the premier league????

FatGayandbald3852d ago

Nah ELP is the biggest n best in the world by far,we just need to invest n train more home grown players.

Masta Kaos3851d ago

Man U only won on penalties?? Pathetic.....

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