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Highlights: Real Madrid 1-1 Malaga (Spanish Primera Division- 18/03/2012)

1-0 Karim Benzema 35′
1-1 Santiago Cazorla González 90+2′

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buddymagoo3850d ago

Great goal from Cazorla!

freeduck3850d ago

First time they dropped pts in the league since December

Corepred43850d ago

Ronaldo sucked. Benzema sucked. Kaka sucked. Ozil sucked. Nobody could finish and their passes were crap. Looks like Higuain will start ahead of Benzema if he's going to play this way, and play better when he's subbed in. I knew that free kick was going in. I just had a feeling, Casillas somehow let that in when he was on that side of the goal. Frustrating after all those missed opportunities so I'm just going to have to hope that Madrid don't slack off from here on out. Barca aren't THAT far behind us.

krazykombatant3849d ago

I'm still happy with a 7 point lead, we haven't dropped a point since december. Soooooo even if we lose the next classico we will have a 4 point lead and that is if barca don't drop points on the way.

Nes_Daze3847d ago

Real Madrid hasn't been doing great for some time, this didn't start against Malaga. The refs practically gave the game away to Madrid when they played Real Betis, two handballs yet no penalties for the losing team, and they lost by a goal.. but that's football I guess.