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Thierry Henry makes 3,500-mile trip to spend an hour with Muamba in the hospital

The Frenchman flew to London after New York Red Bulls' game against Real Salt Lake to spend an hour with his former Arsenal teammate after the Bolton midfielder's cardiac arrest.

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FatGayandbald3706d ago

Ok this getting stupid,using his condition for random players to get some media time n extra fame is a disgrace,if i was his family id tell them to do 1.If this was a bottom of division player or not on the news nobody would visit him which tells you everything about the slime ball players using this situation to big themselves up,turning up with their dolled up wifes tells you alot and who really wanted to visit him while tv crews are there.

Shadow Flare3706d ago

Or maybe it's because fabrice used to be at arsenal when Henry was with arsenal and he wanted to pay him a visit, because he had, ya know, a HEART ATTACK ON THE PITCH. Henry is a good person. There arent even any pictures of him doing this, so shock of shocks, maybe it was a genuine visit to see an old friend at this tragic time. Maybe, shock of shocks, he wasn't doing it for media attention but because he's so high profile, his visit would have made the newspapers regardless.

Do us all a favour and stop being so glum and shut up. It's not everyday a player has a heart attack on pitch, and it happens that he was with arsenal when Henry was. It's already been stated that even after fabrice left arsenal he still paid them the odd visit so clearly he has friends there. One of whom was likely Henry.

FatGayandbald3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

huh yeh played at arsenal together but never met each other or hung together since so there was little emotion between them,if so why did it take for this situation to become world news to warrant a visit from him instead of seeing him the first day it happened or after.

Notice how you ignore the fact this wouldn't of happened if it wasn't on the news or a player from bottom of the league team.

Now can you do us all a favour and stop being gullible moron n its not being glum its being real ,your probably 1 of those sad people glued to your tvjerking off waiting for breaking news of another footballer turning up who doesn't even know him with dolled up wife n kids in toe.

keep crying you sound like a woman with your moaning lol .il give my opinion so no i won't shut up,if you dont like like it get lost n stop crying over it. Its comment section ,do you cry n bitch every time you see a post you don't agree with or is you on your man period.


RememberThe3573706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

FYI Fatgay, putting "OWNED" at the end of a comment make you look like a tool. You may even be right, but damn you come off as a d!ck.

shadowraiden3705d ago

haha what a load of shit you spout.

Henry played with Muamba, trained with him every day and probably spent time with before.

i hadnt heard that Henry had come over to england in hardly any newspapers or tv in the UK so how was it just so he could get press attention.

and yh of course henry wouldnt visit a lower league player most likely wouldnt know the person but he knew muamba from his time at arsenal.
also who else is using muamba to get media time ive yet to see any news on any other players doing stuff just to get media time.
how about stop spouting nonsense and grow up were not all twats like you.

Kos-Mos3706d ago

How about traveling to poor countries and help there too? I`m sure you can get some media attention as well. Bloody media whore.

Grap3706d ago

above Idiots nuff said

FatGayandbald3706d ago

ignorant troll above nuff said

Jonnyquest3213706d ago

@Fatgaybald, Don't make BS up, they knew each other from Arsenal days and infact spoke to each other a week before Fabrice had the heart attack