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Highlights: Manchester United 1-0 Fulham FC (English Premier League - 26/03/12)

1-0 42′ Wayne Rooney

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buddymagoo3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Phew! We dominated that game but we just couldn't put away our chances.

ProjectVulcan3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Grinding out the win. Seeing out the games to the end. United are in fully fledged title run in mode right now.

The toughest game before the Derby will be next Monday against Blackburn away. That is no gimme. United have a relatively poor record there. If City take the win as expected at the weekend pressure will be to make sure United take something.

If United win that game which i can see will be difficult against a scrappy blackburn side, I look at their other fixtures up to the derby and can see them winning them all.

GanjaMan3963d ago

Heard there was a penalty incident but wasn't given!? Fergie paying off the ref as per usual, sometimes it's for decisions but usually it's for his trademark Fergie time.

Infernostew3963d ago

Sod off! We were on the sore end of a tough penalty call against Newcastle at Old Trafford that only netted us 1 point. We were lucky to get away with the call today but that kind of stuff happens. The ref and linesmen didn't have a clear look and it was a close call. United were the better side by far and it would've been almost criminal for Fulham to escape with a point. You're just another bitter because you're club can't produce.

buddymagoo3963d ago

Funny, I didn't hear you say this in the City-Stoke article about City.

Anyway that's about evens now for the penalty that shouldn't have been awarded for Newcastle against Ferdinand. Which cost us two points.

ProjectVulcan3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Probably a penalty. Ferguson agreed after the game in his interview. Bad evil ol Fergie right? He (rightly) pointed out a possible penalty for United in this game too. He also pointed out how Fulham were comprehensively outplayed and if they had taken something from the game they would have been fortunate.

Lucky lucky United. Right? City don't get lucky either right? Lets not forget too quickly Stoke almost certainly should have had a penalty at the weekend.

Lets not forget United should have had pens elsewhere. Newcastle in November springs instantly to mind.

But then one more thing- penalty kicks aren't the same as an actual goal either.

Most of this kind of thing evens out over the season- it is boring to hear people moan against United when decisions go their way but silence when they do not.

If a ref is not 100 percent certain he will not and SHOULD not make a call like that. On balance it happens to everybody.

Kos-Mos3962d ago

Officially ignoring the junkie for writing so many stupid comments this season. I encourage people to do the same.

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kulka3963d ago

I just can't wait for the city united game. If it lives up to the hype it could be game of the decade.. Let's just hope both teams will be fired up and give us a cracker

ProjectVulcan3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

If i had to call it right now, City will win that game, but they will be more than 3 points behind before it kicks off.

Which means United would just have to take the same number of points from their last 2 games as City to be champs. It will go to the wire then, but the derby will not decide the title IMO

If the title is still totally in United's hands after the final whistle there is nobody else you would back as much as them to close it out.

zeddy3963d ago

i thought carrick got the ball but it was a definite pen but we got that awful decision against newcastle so maybe it just evened out. but we had 10 shots on target and 19 attempts so if fulhum got anything out of that it would have been disgrace.

jak3y13oy3963d ago

What happened to the passing at the end!?

and should of been a penalty..

we was quite fortunate there :D
United till i die!

doncorleone3963d ago

weird goal, but the result is the most important ;)

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