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Highlights: APOEL Nicosia 0-3 Real Madrid (EUFA Champions League - 27-3-12)

0-1 K. Benzema 74'
0-2 Kaka 82'
0-3 K. Benzema 90'

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Corepred43493d ago

Just when I think Kaka should be benched to keep Higuain-Benzema-Ronaldo in, he goes out and becomes the reason they score!!

HxCGamer3492d ago

haha dude i can't handle how many chances benzema misses! during the first half I was about to rip my hair out... I guess he made up for it later though

badz1493492d ago

spelled the end for APOEL UCL campaign this year. Madrid is not invincible and there are sides capable of holding them off still in the competition but APOEL is not 1 of them.

Nes_Daze3492d ago

You guys had it easy, Barca had to go up against Milan today, now we're heading home with basically a disadvantage. Must suck to have to play Milan 4 times lol. If Barca loses, I believe that the only team that could stop RM is Bayern.