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Highlights: AC Milan 0-0 Barcelona (UEFA Champions League - 28/03/12)


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asmith23063841d ago

Piss poor match. 2nd leg should be interesting, Milan drew 2-2 in the Nou Camp earlier this season. No reason why they couldn't do it again.

ProjectVulcan3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Agrees that Milan can actually get a result. Ultra defensive displays in the past have caused Barcelona to make a mistake or one chance and they can be beaten.

Barcelona's sublime attacking is well documented, but they have been frustrated before and sometimes they never seem to have the urgency to attack in a situation that requires it. Patience and keeping the ball is ok when you have time, but sometimes you don't and even Barcelona need to be urgent too when the situation calls for it.

Milan did look like they could create something and score although it was not pretty. There was a whole bunch of hoofing it up front and see what happens. It was reasonably effective though with the height of Ibrahimovich against shorty Mascherano. Too much of the time they just had very poor first touches which cost them a chance on goal.

Barcelona are clear favourites but AC Milan will be quite happy to sit back and defend all game again looking to snatch a goal, take a score draw or even go to penalties.

If Milan can ride their luck a little they can snatch a goal, and hold onto it or at least a draw to take them through. We have seen Inter do this before successfully. Smart money is always on Barca however...

Jonnyquest3213841d ago

Decent match, I love a great defensive display- great seeing Milan players celebrate after heroic blocks! They really should have scored though, those missed chances could be crucial but like asmith said, only a draw is needed to advance and they've already had the 2-2 so it's gonna be interesting

doncorleone3841d ago

Agree,a great defensive display from Milan that leads to an intriguing second-leg match at the Camp Nou.

doncorleone3841d ago

Ibra should have scored in the first half when he was facing Valdes from close-range.Maybe he is keeping his goals for the Camp Nou?;)

topgeareasy3841d ago

lol farca are b*tching over the pitch

yezz3841d ago

well it was pretty horrible... i lost my count on how many slips the players had :S

yezz3841d ago

why do you people disagree with a fact?

just look at it

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The story is too old to be commented.