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Highlights: Manchester City 3-3 Sunderland (English Premier League - 31/03/12)

0-1 Larsson 31'
1-1 Balotelli (pen) 43'
1-2 Bendtner 45'
1-3 Larsson 55'
2-3 Balotelli 85'
3-3 Kolarov 86'

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ProjectVulcan3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

It is slipping away IMO. All the signs were there, dipping form, struggling away, tired key players. Aguero missing who has been a major spark up front. Now even the immaculate home record has been dented.

Sunderland deserved a win in reality, City were poor all game barring the final 10 minutes. They lacked inspiration, their defence was vulnerable and crumbled badly for Sunderland's third goal. They could easily have let in more. Sunderland were very good and had a go and were rewarded.

City were sure fire favourites to wipe the floor today against Sunderland but no matter what is said about the comeback, it is without doubt two points dropped, not one saved.

United could potentially be 8 points clear by the time City kick off against Arsenal next Sunday. If City fail to win that game, then at best they will be 7 points behind with only 6 games to go. If United don't close it out from that kind of position i would be amazed.

In truth, United are likely to still slip up, Blackburn away is a tough game with Blackburn scrapping it out at the bottom and having a good record against United at home.

But right now for the first time, United are in complete control of this race, as we enter the most crucial stage.

Exactly where they would want to be.

buddymagoo3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

They choked it! If we win the Premier League which I think we will, this will be one of the best because of all the naysayers. Our heroic grit and determination has been proven once again!

United Never Die!

RufustheKing3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

as a United fan myself i will say this, don't count your chickens until they have hatched. Love to win it at man city tho. :)

ProjectVulcan3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Of course there are still enough games to be played. It is not over. City can still win the title, but at this point it relies on Manchester United messing up quite badly in their remaining fixtures which still look favourable compared to City's.

It just looks like City started so strongly and they have almost run out of steam much like Arsenal last season. They never quite built up a big enough lead at the top.

United have managed 28 points out of the last 30 dropping points only away to Chelsea, whereas City have managed only 20 dropping against Sunderland, Stoke, Swansea and Everton.

United have massive momentum. City ARE capable of turning it around but at this point, i find it difficult to envisage them beating Arsenal and winning all of their remaining games because i think that is what is now needed for them to be champions.

If United go into the derby relaxed knowing that even if they lose they can still take the title, i can see City feeling the pressure so much and being so nervy actually losing that match and the title on the spot because they would be too desperate for the victory.

They will need nerves of steel to win it now and i just don't see that in the players bickering, Balotelli stropping, Mancini looking dejected on the touchline shaking his head and waving his arms in despair. Still reluctant to just start with undoubtably his best striker in Tevez. He HAS to have the guts to make that call.

When the going gets tough for United, they put their heads down and really got stuck in. In City's case, they seem to be going to pieces. When times are tough you have to pull together or be pulled apart. City still have yet to learn that vital ingredient on today's evidence.

If they lose this title, then barring a major United/Chelsea rebuild, they'll walk next year. Just from the lessons learnt.

badz1493891d ago

City imploded! that scene with Balotelli and Kolarov was priceless and I think Kolarov should've just let Balotelli take the shot! I mean, Balotelli has proven that he can score but Kolarov, not so much. kinda ironic that they were the pair that scored tonight as Tevez and Dzeko were there but not doing their job!

AcceptedWalnut3891d ago

But Kolorov takes free kicks when he's on the field. He's scored more free kicks for City than Balotelli has, even scoring one against you lot in the FA Cup or did you forget that?

We deserved nothing out of this game and if it wasn't for the fact we started playing from the 85th minute onwards, we wouldnt have got anything.

It's kinda sad to see how well we've played this season and let the title slip to a poor (by utd's standards)team.

If we carry on playing like this, it's not catching United we have to worry about, its Arsenal catching up and losing 2nd place.

doncorleone3891d ago

Crazy match, good entertainement.

krazykombatant3891d ago

with this, tie that is it for Man city in my opinion, even if they some how beat man u or hell tie them that won't work, i don't see man u losing and tying up matches at this stage.

PaPa-Slam3890d ago

Let's wait & see bro. Before jumping to a conclusion.

RufustheKing3891d ago

Man city were very luckey to draw that match today and after all the peno crap from last week about united they were given a very solf peno.

PaPa-Slam3890d ago

Agreed, hats-off to Sunderland for playing such an amazing game.

PaPa-Slam3890d ago

Cannot wait to see who wins, i myself am rooting for City.