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Highlights: Juventus 3 – 0 Napoli

Footyroom - Juventus beats Napoli 3 - 0.

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PaPa-Slam3697d ago

Freaking boring match, completely 1 sided. I hate matches where 1 team just dominates.

asmith23063697d ago

As a Juve fan, I was loving it, some great goals too! They are finally back in the Champions League, its ben so long. Now lets hope Milan drop a few points :)

PaPa-Slam3697d ago

Ofcourse you'll love it man. I am not a fan or against Juve or Napoli, was watching it just for Fun.

XboxInnovation3696d ago

Juve fans had that place rocking. That new stadium has quickly jumped into the top 5 of most intimidating and toughest stadiums to play in