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Highlights: Barcelona 3 – 1 AC Milan (UEFA Champions League - 03/04/12)

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(1-0)Lionel Messi 11'

(1-1)Antonio Nocerino 32'

(2-1)Lionel Messi 41'

(3-1)Andrés Iniesta 53'

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PaPa-Slam3956d ago

What a freaking AMAZING match. enjoyed every second of the 90 min.

Mozilla893956d ago

I guess if you're a Barca fan, then yeah. Probably not so much for Milan fans, they weren't really in it after Barca scored the third goal.

PaPa-Slam3956d ago

Nope, i'm not a fan of any of those 2 teams, i'm a fan of the sports.

buddymagoo3956d ago

I though it was pretty boring to be honest.

badz1493956d ago

the ref is at it again! of course in Barca's favor!

KeiKei3955d ago

yo honestly. i hate when people say shit like this. there is always someone that is corrupted somewhere, and you cant change shit. just enjoy the damn sport and stop hating on teams. "oh the field was soo slippery at milan(barca). ohh i wonder why they were given a penalty against milan(milan)" it goes both ways.

People should be quiet about corruption. It's all over the world, and theres nothing you can do about it.

buddymagoo3955d ago

"People should be quiet about corruption."

I had to laugh! Really?

--Onilink--3955d ago

what?? if anything you should be blaming Milan for giving away 2 really childlish penalties. The 1st one because of Mexes stupidly giving the ball away, and on the 2nd one Nesta looked like he wanted to drag Busquest all the way to his home

Anderson83955d ago


are you Sepp Blatter in disguise?

KeiKei3955d ago

does UEFA really listen to us ? no. so why bother? they will only listen and do action within UEFA. you guys can talk shit all you want.. it will change nothing. so just enjoy the sport and games that they provide for us.

If you bitch.. you will get no where with it. so why bother?

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Jihaad_cpt3955d ago

Bayern's game was way better

PaPa-Slam3956d ago


Where did you saw 'Barcelona' cheat in this match.

wantedboys3956d ago

the two penalty first was offside from messi the other the ball was not in play
see the reply again and you decide.

sdtarm3956d ago

the two penalty first it was not offside because the milan player had touched the ball and controlled it, messi took it away from him. the other, the ball was in the air when busquets was brought down.

lugia 40003956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Cheaters or not they deserved it anyway.

Yes Barca did deserve to win.

Nightfallen3956d ago

"cheaters will always win"

It's Barcelona at what they do best.

Nes_Daze3956d ago

Losers will always make excuses...

--Onilink--3955d ago

its not offside if the ball is touched by the opposing team... i tought that was common knowledge.

And the second penalty the ball was already in the air, and there is no denying Nesta was grabing Busquets.

Im not even a Barca fan, but i still would never says those penalties were wrong calls, if anything i would blame Milan for making such childlish mistakes

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Nes_Daze3956d ago

Barca outplayed Milan, in what way did they cheat? You have to be blind or simply an ignorant hater to say such a thing, I laugh at people who say things like that, they obviously know nothing about football.

wantedboys3956d ago

Yes barca outplayed Milan and yes barca is the beat right now but does not mean they can use UFEA so they can win the match and now what is the point of watching a football match when it is fixed!!!!
there many big teams played their best but they lose this football the important is not how good you play but is how many goals you scored

ref does make mistake but why always with barca !!!!!!!!!!!!!

lugia 40003955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

Im pretty sure youre a chelsea fan, due to the barca protest, but let me say something. Benfica outplayed Chelsea home, and a penalty was not seen. Thats why benfica lost.

As for Barca you have a good point, but id only protest if they didnt play better than the other team.

Nes_Daze3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

The ref did not give Barca a penalty kick that was obvious back at the San Siro with a tackle on Sanchez. If UEFA wanted Barca to win, that would've been a penalty no doubt. Refs make mistakes, they're not super computers on legs, I understand why after the Chelsea game in 2009 you would think that, but Chelsea didn't play good either, I doubt UEFA could control all these games right up to the end.

thetorontokid3956d ago

@ wantedboys A foul or infraction (holding of player) in the 18 yard box of opposing team, is punishable by penalty shot! By holding Busquets, they were canceling out of a play that could have led to a goal by any of the attacking player on that given play. The ball could have taken rebound or deflection and could have ended up on Busquets foot or head! A hard call to make, but the right one!!!!

badz1493956d ago

how many times have you seen penalty was given for this exact same case? this year, only just this 1 time!

zeddy3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

thats 58 goals now for the season and he's still got 8 matches including a cup final left, not to mention 2 maybe 3 matches in the champions league. his tally could be 70 goals+ by the end of the season, its just stupid.

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