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Barcelona will not win anything in five or six years, says CBF director

The outspoken Brazilian official claims the Blaugrana will not be on top for much longer and believes that the club's youth academy is poor.

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Corepred43829d ago

Hmm... does this guy have a grudge against Barca or is he just making wild predictions? Especially saying that the team's youth is poor. Isn't that how Barca got where it's at now, by growing their own?

PaPa-Slam3828d ago

It definitely looks like a 'Grudge', Barca is in top form & may just win more than 1 title in next 5/6 years.

ProjectVulcan3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Not sure about 'grudge'. The world of football often follows cycles. Barcelona are probably as good as they are going to get right now, i don't think they can get better, only poorer.

A few really key players are not getting any younger, and they will not last forever. Replacing the likes of Xavi, Puyol, Villa, Keita and Abidal etc will not be very easy in the next 5 years as they are all the wrong side of 30.

Xavi and Puyol in particular, long term captain and vice captain of the team are well into their 30s. Xavi is a huge player for their style and control.

Will Guardiola hang about to rebuild? All signs are that he probably will not. It is impossible to really predict what might happen to the club's fortunes, but it is fairly clear replacing players of such quality is no easy task.

yezz3828d ago

la masia poor!?! wHAT :D its the best with ajax so what is this guy talking about..

Grap3828d ago

i didn't understand a word from you

GanjaMan3828d ago

im baked and i understand wat hes sayin u just must be a retard

Grap3828d ago

wow you really F** the English language in that sentence dude. come on!!!

yezz3828d ago

I am talking about Barcelona academy(La Masia) and then im saying it's the best academy with ajax...

Nes_Daze3828d ago

Every time this guy opens his mouth along with Pele, nothing logical comes out....