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Neymar Is Better Than Messi – Pele

Brazil legend Pele, has sensationally claimed that Neymar is a better football player than Lionel Messi. The Barcelona maestro has won the FIFA World Player of the Year three times in a row and has already scored 61 goals this season.

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PaPa-Slam3693d ago

LOL, exactly my first reaction, he's getting crazier by the the Age.

heroicjanitor3692d ago

Pele gets way too much credit, he's not even top 10 players ever... But I won't get into that.

Just wants to pick a Brazilian here too.

KingPin3691d ago

out of curiosity, who is in your list of top 10 players ever?

FootballZilla3693d ago

Okay pele.. now goo back to sleep..

belal3693d ago

neymar has potential to be better, but hell no, he is not better than messi right now, he is very far away of both messi and ronaldo and a couple of other players. Right now the two best players are ronaldo and messi.

PaPa-Slam3693d ago

Agreed, Neymar definitely has a bright future, but currently he is not better than 'Messi'.

Anderson83692d ago

he has potential yes.. but he hasnt shown any sign that he could be better than messi.. give him a few yrs a club in europe and a 40 goal season before we start making these comparisons

GanjaMan3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

crazy old pele cant keep his mouth shut nowadays (especially about messi)

PaPa-Slam3693d ago

As a new Football fan, i really don't know what's his beef with Messi. what did he do to him exactly, so far all i can understand is that he is threatened by Messi, that he'll replace his name as the Football Legend.

Corepred43692d ago

New football fan? lol okay i guess. I think one yeah he knows Messi starting to make people forget about Pele and 2 he'd rather have another Brazilian be the one to do it.

freeduck3693d ago

Didn't he say this before like 10x?

goku323593692d ago

Yeah it seems this hits the headlines once Every few months lol

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The story is too old to be commented.