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Highlights: Bayern Munich 2-1 Real Madrid

Bayern Munich win the first leg in a last minute goal, gaining the advantage on Real Madrid.

17' Franck Ribery

53' Mesut Ozil

90' Mario Gomez

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krazykombatant3822d ago

Right were the hell do I begin with this match. Oh yes congratulating Bayern for playing a solid game and giving it their all the whole match. Did they deserve the win... I can't answer that without personal bias, I think that they deserved to tie but it doesn't matter now.

Now what in the hell was Mou thinking, I KNEW IT! I F****** KNEW he gave up the match and decided to go for the tie as soon as he pulled Ozil for Marcelo. Ozil was the ONLY player other than benzema working his @ss off on the field and you award that by pulling him and putting in marcelo!??

If he wanted to seal at the back he should have switched Khedira for marcelo and bring in granero or kaka for ozil. Oh yeah Khedira is the worst, and i mean the WORST, the bottom feeder HE SUCKS! Sell him, let him go I don't care he shouldn't be a starter let alone wear the Real Madrid jersey. The man moved his his legs but he ran in place.

The whole of Real Madrid got lucky tonight, this could have been a blow out. Sergio Ramos was awful, everyone was awful.

I don't understand how mou has a star studded bench and he doesn't use it. You have KAKA, Higuain, callejon(whom he didn't call for the match but still).

Mou decided to park the bus once again and the team payed the price. I don't see Bayern scoring more than one goal at the Bernabeu but I don't see RM scoring three to get tie and extra time.

End Rant.


Jesus dude calm down, 2-1 is not a bad score for Madrid as a 1-0 victory at the Bernabeu would send them through and stop complaining about Mourinho, Real Madrid knew what they were in for when they got him, this is what he's all about, this is the way he always plays at this stage of the competition which is how he won the Champions League twice, live with it.

krazykombatant3822d ago

go bother buddymagoo on his man u news.

If you don't like the rant too bad, i'm just expressing my thoughts as a fan. the chances that madrid will win 1-0 are slim. I highly doubt they wont score.

Nes_Daze3822d ago

You can't count on Bayern NOT scoring, Real Madrid has it tough back at home.


Yeah that's the spirit, Madrid have no chance, Bayern are going to destroy them and I can't wait.

ProjectVulcan3822d ago

2-1 is a decent result for Madrid. I would actually take that over a 0-0 for example.

An away goal is a precious thing, and being one behind means you have to actually go and attack to win the tie.

You can't just sit back thinking you can possibly conserve it. Being one goal behind but having an away goal means Madrid are still favourites to go through.

Madrid didn't play so well but the fact is they have scored at home i think all but one game this season and on average they have scored 3 goals at home every game!

You would put money on them scoring wouldn't you.

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Nes_Daze3822d ago

I agree with you on Marcelo subing Ozil, what a shitty move! Ozil was a complete menace to bayern throughout the whole match, trying to leave it at a tie when bayern was creating chances from the get-go was a dumb move by Mourinho. We'll see how they perform at home.

Snakefist303822d ago

"90 minutes at the Bernebue is a very long time."


zico3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Ribery s goal offside?

LovIbra3822d ago

Not at all!! Don`t blame the ref for that desission. It was correct desission

--Onilink--3822d ago

well in my opinion it can be offside and it cant. He is in an offside position, what is the determining factor is wether he participated in the play by getting in the way of the keeper.

My opinion, he didnt, pretty much everyone was on his way so he didnt actually do anything to affect the outcome.

Still its pretty much left to interpretation.

On the other hand, i do think that the foul on Gomez was a penalty, maybe Ramos got to the ball, but Coentrao certainly didnt.

Finally, i think its absurd that Marcelo didnt receive a red card, personally i cant stand him, he is one of the least profesional players i know, and not sending him off when he hits players for no reason is not going to make him change any time soon

Jihaad_cpt3822d ago

Onilink you are 100% right. wantedboys clearly does not understand the rules. The commentators would have mentioned if he was offside.

KingPin3822d ago

it was offside. ive seen decisions like that been given before.

Onlink, your analysis is flawed.
"...what is the determining factor is wether he participated in the play by getting in the way of the keeper.

My opinion, he didnt, pretty much everyone was on his way so he didnt actually do anything to affect the outcome. "

thats just it, if everyone was in the keepers way, be it team mates or opposition, the fact is, if an opposing player is in an offside position in the action of it all, he is offside. he had an "Active" role in the goal. <Jumping over the ball>. so it doesnt matter if everyone was his the keepers way or if he was the only one. point is, he was active and he was offside.

but like i said, ive seen decisions like this been given offside so Bayern were lucky on that. they played a better game overall in my opinion. but i must say i was shocked and annoyed at Ribery falling all over the place like he been shot. i expected that from Real when they went 1 nil down but for ribery to do such things on the half way line was just annoying to watch. Trying to get players sent off and yellow carded deserves a yellow card in itself <i think>. players can get themselves in trouble <think marcello>.

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ngecenk3821d ago

No it wasnt. If alaba touched the ball the it is. But he wasnt. Hence the scoreboard is riberys, not alaba

LovIbra3822d ago

An entertaining match where bayern deserved victory! It will be a tremendous return settlement, but I think bayern will take the longest straw. They want so mutch playing the final "home"

buddymagoo3822d ago

Bayern a team that can not win the German League this year because they are second 8 points behind league leaders. And they say the Spanish league is the best, lol.

I think what this goes to show is any team can be beat and this is what football is about! Well done Bayern.

krazykombatant3822d ago

I'm sorry last I checked your beloved man u is only in line to win a single title this season. Let alone win the Europa league.

buddymagoo3822d ago

Yeah and what? So is yours!

Bayern is the first really good side Madrid have faced this season apart from Barça, who beat them twice at their own ground, and they were shown for the average disjointed team they are. They bully the rest of la liga teams and Bayern contained them comfortably tonight.

Ben Dover3822d ago

Currently the Spanish league IS the best. Correct me if I'm wrong but looking at both the Champions League and Europa League, it's highly possible for both to be an all Spanish final. I think that says something doesn't it?

And now to comment on the match. Howard Webb is a freaking joke lol. He made some very strange decisions by not even granting that red card which was clearly in place. He's a disgrace to referees in general and the laughing stock of English arbitration.

yezz3822d ago

it doesnt necessarily mean that la liga is the best league but the teams are very competitive in those european leagues..

Jihaad_cpt3822d ago

that is subjective, I think the EPL is much better personally.

kulka3821d ago

I personally don't like Webb but he had a good game

ngecenk3821d ago

They arethe best bue the least entertaining between the 4. The gap between the big 2 and the others are waaay too far. I cant feel the competition anymore.

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asmith23063822d ago

Sorry Buddymango but Man Utd fanboys cant hold an argument about teams not performing in Europe :)

kulka3821d ago

Bayern along with Real and Barca are Europe's top teams. To be honest German league is on the rise teams like Dortmund will soon be up there with the best. They have so many talented young players.

krazykombatant3821d ago

"yeah and what? So is yours"

Last i checked were still in a position to compete for our league and the champions.

buddymagoo3821d ago

Real Madrid have not been to a final of the Champions league in 9 years! Yes, NINE YEARS!

Then even if you do get there which looks unlikely you are not going to beat Barca.

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Corepred43822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

This game was upsetting but I have confidence we'll come back strong. Ozil for Marcelo was so stupid. I thought he was going to switch out Coentrao! And I was right he cost us that last goal with that pathetic defensive display on Lahm. Like I said either start Ronaldo, Benzema AND Higuain OR have Benzema come off the bench!! I don't understand Mourinho sometimes. Oh and geez I thought some Barcelona players were bad!! Ribery takes the damn cake!!!! I was actually hoping someone would actually take his legs out to make up for all that diving!

Edit: And Granero?! You have Kaka sitting right there!

--Onilink--3822d ago

well i think another problem is the fact that Ronaldo is untouchable, which i find absurd... i dont understand how mourinho doesnt have the balls to take him out when he has a bad game. Honestly, he didnt do anything in the match, and the assist came more from Benzema really pushing himself in the entire game, than Ronaldo just receiving the pass by luck

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