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European Football's 50 Biggest Wage Salaries of Last Year: Are They Worth It?

BR - With the current year not even half-way through, it's a little early to declare who has the highest salary of 2012.

Here, we'll look back at 2011's highest paid footballers to see whether they were worth their monthly salary.

Please note this does not take into account any endorsements or sponsorship deals and is purely based on club wages alone.

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Gamer19823806d ago

Some of these are odd like Kaka whos hardly played this season he says is justified. Yet others who hardly played like Kolo Toure he says are not justified as they hardly played. This guy has an Agenda against English teams. Except one Torres who he says is worht his money because I quote "He's still young, so time will tell" Lost his mind he has.