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Highlights: Newcastle United 0-2 Manchester City (English Premier League -- 06/05/2012)

0-1 Yaya Touré 70′
0-2 Yaya Touré 89′

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XboxInnovation3799d ago

I'm happy someone else besides United will win the title. But I'm upset it's done by a club that has bred none of their talent, only bought it.

Gamer19823799d ago

Oh dear no knowledge.. Hart and Richards are there from the old squad who are there from the old united squad? Giggs and Scholes. So what's the difference?

buddymagoo3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Evans, Scholes, Cleverley, Fletcher, Giggs, Welbeck and we have not spent 250m! If we had, we sure wouldn't be level on points with the 2nd team in the league who was missing their captain all season.

And we won the treble (EPL, CL, FA cup) with Giggs, Scholes, Brown, Butt, G. Neville, Beckham, P.Neville. All home grown players and something which will never be done again by an English team.

We'll be back next year with our Captain!

XboxInnovation3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Not even so much about pure home grown players, just players they raised. Cristiano Ronaldo is not a home grown United player he is a Sporting prospect, but he was raised under United at a young age and built into the player he is today under United. Same with Rooney.

So many of the key players for City were bought within the last 2 years, and almost all of them were established players in their prime already.

I understand you have to buy players, but buying world class players already in their prime to make a team is just corny.

Not even Chelsea is that bad because Chelsea often buys their players at a young age that are not nearly established yet.

Corepred43799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Lot of whining. Who cares where they were brought up, bred or whatever. Just another thing to point and cry about. Winning is winning.
Edit: So has City won it or do they have to win this next game? Or can they afford to lose if Man U loses?

buddymagoo3799d ago


We are equal on points, City should win the title but only by Goal difference.

NewMonday3798d ago

off the top of my head
DeGea+Young+Berbatov+Rooney+ Ferdinand =150m

still one more game, anything could happen

and who would believe it would come to Goals, that big win for City in Old Trafford could prove the difference

ProjectVulcan3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

City have spent a fortune, but i think it won't last as long as it has with Chelsea because of the Financial Fair Play rules. Chelsea have had a decade to grow their fanbase and revenue. Sure enough city are investing in new facilities which are outside the financial rules, but it'll take decades for any benefit of that to show in the squad.

City can't even afford to pay the wages of the players on their books without handouts from the owners, virtually no hope of breaking even in the next 5 years from the revenue they have generated themselves.

They will have to sell quite a few players this summer, most of those out on loan to be able to buy anymore big new names. That is assuming Spurs actually want to cough up the cash for Adebayor, Bridge at Sunderland, Santa cruz etc. That was already made clear in the January transfer window.

You might say ah well United have spent big money before. Of course they have- but it is money United made for themselves as a club. They grew themselves that big. No handouts or sugar daddies- the club was floated and managed well.

Manchester United will probably lose the title against the most expensive side ever assembled in the premier league only by a matter of goals, not for want of scoring, but having conceded too many more. No small thanks to missing Vidic and integrating a new Goalkeeper, you would probably admit.

United only need 2 or 3 new players in the summer, good ones, for maybe 50-60 million and i think they will challenge even stronger next season and fancy them to take it right back.

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Rattlehead203798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

The sad state of football these days...I long for it to be competitive again like before the Premier League came and ruined it all.

Gamer19823799d ago

City showed Newcastle today that they were clearly punching above their weight. there strikers were useless against Kompany and Lescott and Yaya alone got the goals needed to secure all three points. He won us the FA cup and will now probably win us the league. Legend in the making.

That win against Chelsea last week was clearly down to 2 freak goals and a bit of bad defending this shows it. One more game and the league will finally come to the City of Manchester for the first time in 44 years.

Prophet1123799d ago

Ben Arfa and Cabaye had an awful game, they didn't supply Ba and Cisse with any decent opportunities.

If Ba and Cisse were useless then so was Tevez, Aguero and Dzeko because they didn't do much better.

imtiyaz63799d ago

Hart has to be City's best player this season!! The hardest keeper to score against in EPL!

NewMonday3798d ago

Yaya and its not even close

PaPa-Slam3799d ago

Great game by City, after beating United, they seem pretty confident and in high spirits.

chukamachine3799d ago

Although i partly agree with the comments about home grown etc.

It's not an english league anymore.

If you got £££, you got good team.

Nasri - Left arsenal for money, not anything else.

mcstorm3799d ago

I agree with you here. Im a united fan and always will be but something has to be done about the money players are on and how much teams are playing for payers. The EPL will endup being full of clubs that have no money and in a bad state if noting is done soon by fifa and the fa.

I was a big uk ice hockey fan in the late 90s early 00 and there was money being thrown all over the place by teams like Manchester storm and Sheffield steelers ect and the league ended up killing its self and uk ice hockey has never recovered.

I know football is our main sport in the uk but it can still go the wrong way. People with lots of money are buying clubs to just try and win the league and champions league but have no connection with the fans or even the club. If citys owners decide to sell who will come in and buy the tea and carry on buying players like they are now? No one will and the club will just be left to fall on its own as they are not trying to make anything from the club.

Dont get me wrong its been am exciting season and having united and city there has made it even better for us manchester fans.

I still think there will be a twist to the final game of the season as i see united or city slipping up in there last game and it wont go down to goals.

I give citys manager praise though he has done a good job getting the city players to play together and to stay at the top all season but to me SAF has shown he is still the best manager in the word as he has kept our poor squad in terms of players we have out and inexperienced players we have brought in and matched city more or less game for game this season as looking at the united starting 11 this year i would say city chelsea and spers starting 11 this season on paper has been better than uniteds so if we dont win the league this season well done city but ide expect SAF to bring in a few more players to bolster the squad and the young players will of had a season with us under them and i expect united to go and win the league back next season but i do hope it is as exciting as this season has been for all teams involved.

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