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Drenthe: Messi called me 'negro'

The former Real Madrid winger has voiced his dismay with the way the Barcelona star spoke to him during their meetings in the Primera Division in the past few years

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FootballZilla3665d ago

"We played against each other a lot, and we always had problems. You know what really bothers me? That tone with which he always called me 'negro, negro'," Drenthe stated in an interview with Dutch magazine Helden.

Drenthe went on to explain that although he realises the use of the term is quite common in South America, he finds it hard to deal with, and explained that his former team-mate Mahamadou Diarra had similar problems.

"I understand that it is very common in South America, but we cannot stand it. Mahamadou Diarra, my team-mate at Real, would become furious when Gabriel Heinze and Gonzalo Higuain initially called him 'negro'. But they soon stopped.

"When I played against Barcelona with Hercules, I had the same problems with Messi again. Before the match, he gave me a hand and said, 'Hola negro'. He didn't shake my hand again after the match. I don't think he'll invite me to his birthday party."

Corepred43664d ago

This again?!? Negro means black. If a white player was called blanco would they be offended? Oh well. It's Messi anyway, everyone will turn a blind eye.

FootballZilla3664d ago

if you called someone blanco he wouldn't be offended because his in the majority, if you called someone negro he would be offended because hes in the minority and he feels like your doing that to hurt him.

theres more white people the black.

Corepred43664d ago

Well if someone called me moreno or or cafe or idk whatever I wouldn't care. Really I mean if everyone is supposed to be passed being racist, everyone should be passed being insulted by such old slurs!

KingPin3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )


i dare you to come to South Africa where the black people are in the majority and call one of them negro, they'll still be offended. its not about majority/minority.

Point is, peoples thinking has lead to the point that only white people can be racist. In S.A we have had apartheid in the past but even now with blacks being in power and the majority, its almost reverse apartheid with more lenient rules and everyone is fine with it.

il give you one example of many.
here we can have a BLACK lawyers association where you guessed it, only black lawyers are accepted. but if they have a white lawyers association and reject a black man, they are racist.

trust me bro, i can go all day. point is, if you playing poker with a black man and you have a royal flush and he has nothing but the race card, he wins.

Gamer19823664d ago

I agree about the fact its Messi so it will be ignored and thats wrong. It doesn't matter if its not racist in some parts of the world in Europe its a racist word and Messi plays football in Spain which is *drumroll please*.... In Europe!

Blackdeath_6633664d ago

just because you don't find racial comments offensive that doesnt mean other people don't aswell. you have to remember that football is an international sport and by calling someone a negro you may have offended someone who may have lived through a history of past discrimination.
also you probably have never been attacked or abused because of your skin colour and so when some one calls you a negro or white trash or whatever you dont find it offensive. however many others have had this experience and its very distressing.

FootballZilla3664d ago

Yeh but no one actually calls people moreno or cafe..

Ninjamonkey823664d ago

Im not one for the use of the word tbh, But watch Jackie Chan walk into a bar in his movie and say whats up my N**a,

This Player clearly states it was done in a handshake.

"Before the match, he gave me a hand and said, 'Hola negro'."

Theres a diference imo between someone staring someone down in a fight and being plain racist,Are someone bullying someone racially, than someone maybe copying what they have maybe seen in a thousand movies?.

Again personally i tend not to use the words either way i find i have no need for them. I have friends of many different races and i see them no different to me.

If a word is used to hurt i have no reason to use it. But we do allow this type of thing to creep in when are cultures are built around it.

I think alot of people are to quick to jump the gun at things now adays and many are adtention seeking theres no place for racism. But make sure its proper racism before you go pointing fingers.

Nes_Daze3664d ago

Do these players ever try and ask the player nicely to stop saying something that is offensive, instead of telling mom ( the media)?

Blackdeath_6633664d ago

you could also argue that do these players ever try to stop using offensive language in the first place. besides, people have names...if you said " oi, Drenthe your a c**t you f*****g son of a b***h" nobody would complain it would just be a minor argument and thats that.

Nes_Daze3663d ago

It's not offensive language where he comes from. Second, I agree they should stop for the sake of not encountering more problems, but you need to look at the bigger picture sometimes in order to fix a problem. In other words, media needs to step back and players need to talk.

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The story is too old to be commented.