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New Manchester United Kit 2012-13

Premier League giants Manchester United will be wearing a gingham kit for the 2012/13 season, as per these teasers given out by Nike.

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buddymagoo3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Looks really smart. I can't wait to see what the payers look like in it.

Here is a picture of Rooney in it (photoshopped)

Gamer19823268d ago

Not as bad on as promo pic TBH but still there worst in many many years.

buddymagoo3268d ago

Says the Liverpool fan. Gingham is a traditional Mancunian pattern just like Tartan is for the Scottish. It won't matter what we are wearing when we reclaim our title next year.

NewMonday3268d ago


tell that to the rest of the world, the only tartar something they know is a sauce


buddymagoo3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Tartar sauce has nothing to do with Tartan pattern

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Corepred43268d ago

Those look like crap man! I actually really like the jerseys they have this season, especially the socks. This is a step backwards in my opinion. Man, Nike really sucks with kits, I thought they were gonna be bad ass but so far every single one has been crap!

buddymagoo3268d ago

It's just your opinion but I love it! Gingham is a traditional Mancunian pattern just like Tartan is for the Scottish.


I have to agree with Corepred, Nike are terrible at kits. I don't mind the traditional or classic look aslong as its done well but this just looks like Nike has run out of ideas.

It will take a while to get used to this kit but I'm sure i'll eventually like it. The Rooney photoshop pic looks kinda good on him.

iamnsuperman3267d ago

urmmm I wouldn't use the word smart. It looks really odd.

guigsy3268d ago

Here's a pic of the full kit, like the red socks.

RGB3268d ago

I personally think this next season will be the worst in years for kits. Lumberjack United! All the Nike kits in that image look horrendous. Real's home kit isn't any better.

Mozilla893268d ago

It doesn't give a first good impression I can tell you that. I haven't seen a great kit for any EPL team in a couple years. I love Bayern's red and gold kit this year, I was considering getting one.

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