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Manchester United Kits: Grading Man U's New Home Unis

BR - Manchester United has had its own unique style on the futbol field for years, but now, the Red Devils will bring in a new home kits to wear for the 2012-13 season. Now, in addition to the trademark red, the threads will be more in tune with the city the club represents.

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PaPa-Slam3922d ago

I am honestly disappointed with 'United' home Kit. They should reconsider the other design's.

NewMonday3921d ago

if they used this on kilts in-place of the shorts then it would make sense, just imagine them running around with them


mafiahajeri3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

LOOL yeah. Well people are forgetting that not everybody has a problem with the look. We all know Ferguson loves it! ;)

hmmm I wonder if he had a say in the design process...

MaximusPrime3922d ago

Thought this is English Premier League not Scottish.

PaPa-Slam3921d ago

Exactly, looks really weird. United Rethink this now.

buddymagoo3921d ago

Lesson in fabric pattern

Gingham = Manchester

Tartan = Scotland

freeduck3921d ago

so.. it looks like a picnic table cloth

FlashXIII3921d ago

I'm a utd fan and honestly I can't defend this awful design. Couldn't care less if it's supposedly "gingham" it just doesn't look good on a football kit.

mcstorm3921d ago

buddymagoo I was just about to say the same thing. But I don't like this kit and TBH since United have gone t Nike I have not liked any of there Kits. I think Nike make some amazing kits the black and the purple England (Rugby) kits look amazing. The France tops (football) look good too but United have looked a mess. I hope Adidas come in for our kit maker next as I think they are making the best kits at the moment.

ProjectVulcan3921d ago

Don't like it either. Looks like a tea towel or something but i had known about this kit since it was leaked a few months ago.

I liked the 10-11 kit with the white collar. The 07/09 kit because it'll forever be linked with the European cup victory. Much like the special 99 kit, and because it rolled over to the next season, you could have it with European champions sleeve badges.

http://farm8.staticflickr.c... This is my favourite kit though, i still have one. The infamous kung fu kit!

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mafiahajeri3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

A kilt comes to mind... "Manchester United kiLts"

--Onilink--3921d ago

well the real one is the one on the bottom, not the one on the top. And personally i like it, simple enough but with a distinctive characteristic so its not just plain red

Kos-Mos3921d ago

Whatever they decide, society`s losers (chelski, shitty, barca scum fans) will "try" to make it look hilarious.

FlashXIII3921d ago

You don't have to support a "scum" team to try and make it look hilarious, the kit accomplishes this magnificently on it's own.

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