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Fergie: it will take Manchester City 100 years to match Manchester United's history

While Ferguson begrudgingly acknowledged City had legitimate cause for celebration, after claiming the title for the first time in 44 years, he insists the blue half of Manchester still have plenty to do before they can rival United's history.

"They can go on as much as they like - that's what you would expect - but the history of our club stands us aside," Ferguson said.

"We don't need to worry about that. I think we have a rich history, better than anyone and it'll take them a century to get to our level of history."

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krazykombatant3657d ago

ok yeah fergie I will give you that out of the manchester teams you have a great history. I wouldn't say the best history out of anyone but good enough. however, let's face it its all thanks to you. Sadly enough you won't be around for another 100 years.

Once you leave things won't always be great for Man U. The only reason and I repeat THE ONLY reason that man U was even competitive this year was due to sir alex. That and the fact that the other teams managed to shoot themselves in the foot more than once.

inb4 buddymagoo replies on how i'm wrong.

Shadow Flare3657d ago

I'd like to see man utd fans say the same thing about liverpool's impressive history despite their recent form

J5Feedback3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

I'm a MU fan, and admittedly Liverpool's history is undoubtedly impressive. Every club goes through a bit of a lull eventually.


Shadow Flare3657d ago

I'm not even a Liverpool fan but that was nice to read from you. Fair play

buddymagoo3656d ago

"inb4 buddymagoo replies on how i'm wrong."

Your wrong, so wrong you couldn't be more wronger and are the wrongest of the wrongites full of wrongfulness. Just WRONG!

XboxInnovation3657d ago

So it will take 100 years for city to reach where man united are now in history? What about everything man united does over the next 100 years?

KingPin3656d ago

thats exactly the point, city will always be the No.2 club in Manchester.

Gamer19823655d ago

Oh dear history means nothing in the end when it comes to being the top club. Only the present and the future are important.