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Bayern Munich’s route to the Champions League final

Bayern Munich their route to the Champions league final,start furious like the another finalist,Chelsea.However,unlik e Chelsea,Bavarians remain on the top of Champions league group A from first to the last match.Bavarians played in the toughest group also called “group of dead”.

Already in the first match,an away one against Villarreal, Bavarians shown their intentions and their strength,and with 0-2 result won the match in what they dominated from the first minute.Scorer for Bayern were in the 7th minute T.Kroos, and the final score set in the 76th minute Rafinha.

Second match the derby one,Bayern host this year Premier league champions,Manchester City and won with the same result as against Villarreal 2-0.More than just an impressive result was total domination of the Bavarian team in this match.At Allianz Arena Bayern solve all in the first half when Mario Gomez found the net in the 38th minute and in the 45th minute.With this win Bayern was on the great strike having no less than 10 straight victories in the official games without conceding a goal

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Nes_Daze3917d ago

From how I've seen them play, I want them to win. Plus, Gustavo, Alaba, Robben, Ribery, Gomez, etc. such a great squad to watch on the pitch.