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What is the problem with French players?

Domenech is not the greatest coach in the world. He has the best players in the world at his disposal, yet they barely made it to South Africa. However, is he to blame for everything?
Almost all the French players seems to have a problem when it comes to put their own feelings aside for the sake of the common good, the team! Especially William Gallas. He has been a troublemaker since his days at Chelsea. He has been stripped of his captaincy at Arsenal and now he is in anger over not being named captain of Les Bleus. In my mind, he an unprofessional model who's acting like a baby, not a man and a leader! He should be happy to play in the World Cup, not complaining about details. No one is greater than the team. I have sympathy for Domenech to some exten, but I'm also fairly sure that France needs new blood on both the coaching and player side.

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karim4193d ago

Yeah you're right but i think he is the source of the problem of the france team and he is the reason why nasri is excluded and almost all the arsenal team had admitted they are finding it hard playing with him so the title must be changed to what is wrong with william gallas :P.I'm really confused about domenech's decisions to keep him in the team and not selecting samir nasri and co.

megacardo4186d ago

I am so disappointed over all of the players. it was just that Evra did a good job. throw Galla far out of the team.

captferny904177d ago

I was expecting an amazing battle against Mexico but, huh? that weird, maybe they should change different players as well as Mexico team must change cause few guy are old and other, well they being lazy at the game.

quistbaby4176d ago

Domenech Shouldnt have depended on the fact that Anelka was playing regular in Chelsea and so should lead the Team We all know that even Chelsea when he is leading, he doesnt score, he only score or play well when he operates from wings Anelka shoulnt have been depended on at all that is the first error, again We know who Malouda is, Henry is, Karim Benzema(Not even called) why Bench all these players and use those you wrongly think are the best. Malouda is currently one of the best Wingers in The World, Karim Benzema if not for making a mistake of going to Madrid and not ManU is one of the best Strikers in the world and would have pick up his form during the trier matches. The Coach is the Problem and should not only be sacked but punished