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Why do you keep talking about this undeserved U.S Women´s team victory? THE REFS HELPED THEM ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!!! Why is it that, only everyone outside the United States saw it but "americans" didn´t ? Hey! It´s not hate towards them, the gals are great players. It´s anger over this blatant injustice committed by the judges against Canada and Japan. Maybe the U.S. team´s sponsors were going to lose loads of cash had the U.S. lost.

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Slaughtered Charrua population in Salsipuedes, Uruguay, 1831. Look it up and you´ll see why Uruguayans back Suárez, it is a disgrace...

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So Lugano backs Suárez, the Uruguayan Government also. What does this say about Uruguay as a nation? Don´t forget in the past they slaughtered the indians in the region so they can have an all-european peoples nation.

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It would definitely produce more spectacular goals since the wall will be in place and not blocking the shot illegally as they always do by getting forward ahead of the whistle blow.

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I don´t read anywhere on on any news that, Chivas is a authentic 100% Mexicans team. I think that´s remarkable plus, the last two goals were scored by 16 years old. Anyway, Barcelona is still the best team in the world.

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The Mexican team lost almost a third of their initially drafted players in a hookers scandal and, replaced them five days before the tournament plus, it´s not even the second national team at all, probably the third team. Still, I think they did well, Chile has great forward players totally but, their air game was the only thing working, they were not doing well on the ground playing during the constant attacks.
I´m sure the top Mexican team would have shredded the Chilean...

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At least, it would be a match without so much hacking and tackling as it was the script during their previous games. Both teams got pretty bruised up by the other Caribbean and Central America teams that, due to their lack of tactics and skills had to make use of very faulty play in order to stop Americans and Mexicans. Not only that but, this tournament displayed some of the worst theatrical outburst by players who, would crumple down to the grass like if hit by lightning every time they l...

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Fergie limits his freedom!!! He never passes the ball!!

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Sack his arse!! If at least he was charismatic or super-talented but not even that. He must be on drugs all the time to think the world needs him.

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Except that, in order to become the best ever Messi will have to beat Pelé and not Maradona. Period.
FYI: Outside of Argentina, the greatest ever was and will always be Edson Arantes Do Nascimento Pelé.

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