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What's the big deal here? I score these all the time playing 5-a-side down the astroturf. It was bollocks. Defenders should never let something like that get past them from that far out.

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Typical Sky Sports news weaned dickhead! Can't think for yourself? The FA charged him of "probably", fucking probably, saying those words. Do you realise how ridiculous that is. That's like me accusing you of being a retard, and then a doctor saying you probably are, and then the men in white coats come round and take you away to a mental clinic. Then again, you "probably" are. Am I correct? Any court in the civilised world would have laughed this case out the door...

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What fucking crisis, you cock? It was just a handshake! Liverpool have been through 2 stadium disasters as well as almost going the way Rangers are not so long ago. This is nothing!

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Hopefully his next goal means that old cunt Thatcher kicks it.

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Your lot are next!

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You can talk.

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Fuck off, you Manc tit. Nothing was ever proven with Suarez and it's the same here again. Had you won, nothing would have been said. 2-1! Take your medicine, ya bastards! Both Manc clubs.

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And Madrid will get told to fuck off as usual.

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Oh, on the contrary, it's entirely relevant, son. If you're going to write a 100+ page worth of shite stating reasons and facts to tarnish a man's reputation and career, then you better write nothing but facts otherwise you look like a total hypocritical and unreliable gobshite. And, as it turns out, that's exactly what the FA have done here. They've put their foot in it...again. They say Suarez wasn't a credible witness with zero evidence and one mans word against ano...

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Dirk Kuyt gave evidence against him? On what fucking planet are you living on, because no such word has been given. Comolli said fuck all either. The club backs him to the hilt simply because there is zero evidence to brand a man a racist. In another other country in the world, or court, this would be laughed at. The FA have fucked up, pure and simple. They'll be taken to the cleaners over this, and anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't a fucking ounce about what a proper court and it...

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Fuck off, you clueless, Sky Sports agenda fed tit. The very fact that the FA fucked themselves and their statement by declaring they charged a man on the "probability" is a fucking joke and a disgrace. How can you deem anyone guilty by declaring they "probably" did it and take one man's word over another? This video proves that Evra wasn't kicked, and in fact dove. So, who is telling lies here? Ironic, isn't it? Evra and the FA both telling things like they are...

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Typical United supporter. Clueless as usual. One good game, you say? What about him getting voted the best young player of the Copa America?

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It's stupid even mentioning Barca when they are clearly the finished article. Clubs spending big have to because they are not.

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Been telling United fans all season that their defence is a shambles and that they are due a big defeat soon. Well, there it is. They should have been beaten by Liverpool and Norwich, and even possibly by Chelsea if those teams had have taken their chances. Just like Rooney, United are a very overrated side. There will be more defeats to come after this.

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Fella, you're talking balls. I watched the Mexico World Cup and Italy after it. You can't win a World Cup with a poor team. Fact!

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Maradona was in a poor Argentine team? Was he fuck. Half of the team played in Serie A, which at the time was the best league in the World. Maradona was just a stand-out individual in the side, but they were a great team.

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It's simple: you build a team around a player like Messi. He currently spends more time looking for the ball than receiving it with Argentina.

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The queerest quote in the history of football. Iniesta must be shitting himself about now.

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I reckon he pulls the cock off himself and fingers his own arse while looking in the mirror, he's that far up his own hole. People boo and whistle at you because you're an arrogant, diving, greasy prick.

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Fuck Merieles.At best, in Liverpool's current squad, he is a squad player and nothing more. People are overstating this player's importance, and Merieles' ego has blown up and come out of literally nothing! He'd an OK season under a dreadful manager, where in most games he went missing anyway. Too weak in the tackle and scored the odd important goal. Who the fuck does he think he is? It wasn't until under Dalglish that he found a solid role. It's not like he is an impo...

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