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7 children? My God. Why do people's brains just shut down in crowds? Can't stand it.

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Yea, reported.

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You think he literally meant to cut the man into pieces?

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Shakira has got to be insane in bed. A full body workout.

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I'm 30 years old. Don't tell me "grow up kid," just to try and prove a point. All I asked you was based on what. How are YOU specifically able to sit here and say who or how many people do what. So what you keep tabs, not taps, on 'certain' athletes. You said most, and you don't know a single one of them personally to know what morals they have, if any at all. Only an idiot would have sex with random people? Well Michael Jordan was tailed by a private investigato...

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"Most athletes are married, have kids and have morals. I really just see the young and undisciplined doing this."

lol based on what?

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