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Shoot 'em. They die. Stab 'em. They die. Strangle 'em?... They die.


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"Doesn't even feel like a loss" Haha. Feels like a win doesn't it?

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Wayne Rooney is not paid to be a role model for anybody. He is a professional footballer for Manchester United Football Club. Rooney plays football for a living, and we know him as a footballer. Whatever else he decides to do is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Let him be!!!

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That is why we are the f**king absolute BEST!!!!!!


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That the best you've got?

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Your comment reeks of "backhanded complement"

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Chelsea is not in the same category as Manchester United, Barca or Real Madrid. FACT. Chelsea have no tradition, no history, no nothing. Only Abramovich's money. I hope they keep going down and down until they drown in sorrow for all eternity.

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Typical poor inexperienced Arsenal defending. That Arsenal defender should have brought that guy down and taken the red card for the team. It was the 77 minute For F*** Sske!!

Not that I should really care anyways....

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Why are people so surprised Berbatov dived? Please stop talking all this trash. Diving is an integral part of football. It has always been around. All your favorite players do it, and then joke with the referees afterwards. But today, people are like "waaaaaaahh!! I cannot believe he dove" "waaahhh waaaahh it ruined the game for me" "waaaahh waaaahh!!!"

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Sorry dude. but you dont know sh*t about football. **** off

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As a matter of fact yes. You think that midget messi would be running all over the place if he was in the EPL? He dare not go to England. A team like Stoke city would shut him down, rough him up and send him out on a stretcher. Same can be said of many spanish players on that list...

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Chelsea's first squad is respectable, but the squad lacks depth so they struggle to find good replacements. I hope they remained plagued with injuries for the remainder of the season

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Chelsea please please continue to play like this and drop points left right and center so that the gap b/w you and Man United will keep widening. Hopefully even if Chelsea do get better towards the end of the season, it will be too little too late.

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I'm with you on that one. They have won only one in their last 6 games or so. I'm loving this.

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3 points secured away from home. Mark of true champions: grind out results while others debate whether you deserved them or not...

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"Gary Neville should have had red"

Haha. Spoken like a true chelsea fan...Get real bub

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Sunday 26 december:
1 Fulham - West Ham
2 Newcastle - Manchester City
3 Manchester Utd - Sunderland
4 Everton - Birmingham
5 Wolverhampton - Wigan
6 Bolton - West Bromwich
7 Blackpool - Liverpool
8 Blackburn - Stoke
9 Aston Villa - Tottenham

Monday 27. december
10 D Arsenal - Chelsea

Tuesday 28. december
11 H Manchester City - Aston Villa
12 A Stoke -...

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Pep will not fight anyone because Pep is a leaking, bloody, stinking p*ssy

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So Didier Drogba, what are your hobbies?

Um, running, lifting weights, scoring goals against Arsenal and getting my hair fixed.

Ahh the hair...Do your friends back home like it?

Nah nah. Only in Chelsea. Only in Chelsea.

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WTF this is bullsh*t. chelsea are just being pu**ies because they are scared drogba and lampard are not ready to take on United.

F**k chelsea. bunch of wankers...

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