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Madness! He's found his level a mid table team. You want him to replace a quality player like Anelka?? Your crazy! Ship him off to Scotland or something.

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City are top 4 and an upcoming team who will actually be fighting for the title next season Liverpool won't be this season upcoming and probably wont be again in Gerrard or Reinas time.

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Just doa trade deal for Higuin who they are getting rid of.

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Just proves he is happy earning money doing nothing and United have little to spend in the window. I mean why else would they sign him with his injury record for another year if they had money to spend in the window?? They wouldn't it's that simple.

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I agree plus if you really want to win no titles stay at Liverpool I mean ask poor Stevie Gerrard. One of the best there is yet never had a title medal due to sticking with Liverpool. Sad but they still havn't got the money to challenge and I doubt they ever will now.

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Mata and Hazard are both linked to City aswell though although I doubt they are after both. Whichever one they are linked to though they will probably get over Liverpool due to CL place.

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I am glad he didn't as I doubt he would have turned out to be as great as he has in the UTD side. Barca style suits him down to a tea. Saying that would still love him at City lol.

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Ah that's what you think eh?? Only half that debt came from the glazers not all of it. You just proved my point. my, my there are more band waggon followers on here than I thought. Just keep it up will you?? But it still doesn't change the fact you been buying the league and Europe since the 90's.

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Exactly the sad thing is they dont even know anything about there own club most the time silly band waggon followers on here.

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This is the sad state of affairs now?? Theres nothing wrong with that question at all. I know whats been happening with Giggs outside the game lately but this was nothing to do with that. More proof that age is catching up with Fergie.

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Replacement for Alonso?? That's BS he was the glue that held Gerrard and Torres together soon as he left Liverpool fell apart. There was no way he was going to be replaced he was irreplaceable.

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As much as it pains me I agree though its nothing to do with the club he wouldnt want to play for man utd either. He just seems like he would only play for Arsenal or a Spanish team nobody else. However players do say stuff then do another and a lot of players do base moves based on money and power.

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Maybe but 42 million is a bit too much for him City have said they not gonna pay silly money for players where as Abramovich clearly doesn't care (Torres case and point) so I reckon Chelsea will probably get him. Besides I think City will get Sanchez instead.

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So oooooooold City copied AC Milan with black and red many many years ago when they dominated football thinking it would bring them luck and it did in a way and became part of our history so year back in the past it was copying them but no longer it's part of our history now.

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Erm Fergies had cash to splash too though looking at your side in recent years its hard to spot more than 2 quality players you havn't bought so quit with the money crap I mean you. Bang on about how much profit your club makes every year but your 700 million in debt why you think that is?? That money was spent on PLAYERS. You were one of the first teams to go around smashing the records for players. I remember as a kid when they signed Andy Cole for 7 million nobody had seen anything lik...

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Hmm Barca let him go then he trains with Chelsea who DONT sign him and we are expected to believe he is going to be a world beater?? I am sorry but no sure he had some fine moves at 16 but his playing ability mustn't have been too great if Barca dropped him and Chelsea didn't sign him on the spot.

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Any manager will take the job if he's either greedy (for the massive cheque) or because he's a loon and doesn't care what he's getting into. I will lose respect for any manager who takes over that team. In fact I will lose respect for any player that joins them knowing exactly how much of an embarrassment the owner is to the club. Why go there when you can go to other teams for same cash? And with CL too.

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It will be kids or players on the cheap like they always do is it the managers fault or the board though?? I'm guessing the board as Wenger still in charge.

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I think after this season a bunch of players might be thinking the same at arsenal not winning anything now for 6 years they getting worried they gonna get no trophies in there careers something needs to be done asap.

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Probably wont he hardly scored in his first year at the club and just went through a stint of scoring a bunch of goals against small teams. Everybody but United fans can see he is not good enough for a team going for the title.

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