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WTF Is This Crazy Euro 2012 Soccer Thing: An FAQ

BR - It's time to explain to you the Euro 2012 soccer tournament. Put a shirt on.

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jak3y13oy3888d ago

The related image explains it all... =D

PaPa-Slam3887d ago

This is a perfect article for me. lol.

This is my first time watching a Euro up. :D

jak3y13oy3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I've been watching it since i was 1 (even though I don't remember Euro 1996 at all). In fact i wasn't even 1! I was 6 months old! :D

I was brought up with a football crazy family you see. :)

PaPa-Slam3887d ago

Good for you man.

I'm bringing the craziness of the Football in my family. :D