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Highlights: Spain 0 – 1 Japan (Olympics - 26/07/2012)

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(0-1) Japan 34'

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-Mezzo-3839d ago

What The?

How did that happen.

PaPa-Slam3839d ago

Don't be shocked, this is not the main Spain team, this is their Under23 squad & they've always been bad.

PaPa-Slam3839d ago

I mean you submitted this story & you didn't even realize that it's the Under 23 team. LMAO

freeduck3839d ago

Spain have plenty of quality young players. Their U19 squad won the Euro's, and not to mention the olympic squad can take I think 3 or 4 players over 23 years of age

BritishUK3839d ago

Been Bad?
Your talking non sense like literally '
Spain can have an A team , B team , Or even C team since there football has been creating so many stars left to right... Lets not forget that they could end up just like spain in the Euros & world cup with surprise

Nes_Daze3838d ago

This squad they have now is good, they should've won this game, but Japan is no easy opponent either, Mexico had a strong squad too and they lost 2-1 against Japan. The young Spaniards need to dust themselves off and play better.

BelieveinGhosts3838d ago

It is simple why Spain lost, it is due to lack of fitness. All of spains players didn't have stamina or speed. After this game, hopefully their match fitness will be up to scratch and then they can perform to their best