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Swedish player dies after collapsing in match

A Swedish football player has died after collapsing during a match in the country's fourth-tier league.

Newspaper Expressen said 29-year-old Victor Brannstrom of Pieta collapsed shortly after scoring in the match against Umedalen on Sunday.

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karim3552d ago

Wow, this is incredibly sad. But what saddened me even more, there weren't any media coverage, very, very few people knew that this happened. R.I.P Victor Brannstrom

jak3y13oy3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

maybe because he wasn't a well known player but the italian player in Serie B wasn't well known either but he got media coverage...

Thoughts to his family & friends

Victor Brannsrom

karim3552d ago

Exactly my point, the Serie B player had insane media coverage, he even had Facebook page dedicated to him which had ten thousands of likes, Victor deserved the same thing.

no_more_heroes3552d ago

Right after scoring as well. These problems are so difficult to detect, you just never really know.

God be with you and the friends and family you leave behind, Sir Brannstrom.

karim3552d ago

Technology in Football has been on the rise lately, it's very difficult to detect but in the lower leagues, I'm guessing technology isn't as advanced and could/may have been detected