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Iran Soccer Player Almost Loses Hand Throwing Grenade Off Of Pitch

Riley Schmitt: I am not a big fan of soccer and a lot of that can be traced back to the fact that I absolutely awful at the game. I am so bad that it has jaded me against the sport. However, I am glad that I never had to play in Iran where people decide to throw grenades onto the field.

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karim3527d ago

Talk about luck, a second late and he could have died or suffered permanent injuries

Blackdeath_6633526d ago

i love how the referees ran as fast as they could

calis3526d ago

and I love how the Iranian guys are almost like 'meh, whatever'.

I can't believe as casual he was throwing it off the field. Just picked it up, took a few steps, changed hands and then tossed it like it was a bottle not a bomb.

Blackdeath_6633525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

the player who picked up the bomb is from the suadi araibian team al-ahli i believe. the poor guy probably had no idea it was a grenade and mistook it for a rock or a piece of trash.

Corepred43526d ago ShowReplies(2)
The_Klank3526d ago

Pretty unbelievable, forget that shit, i'd never play for them again

silvacrest3526d ago

yeah, i think its time to play else where

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The story is too old to be commented.