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Mourinho: It would be a crime if Ronaldo does not win the Ballon d'Or

The Portuguese coach has voiced his support for his compatriot, and believes the 27-year-old's performances are even more impressive bearing in mind his current circumstances.

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Nes_Daze4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

Why am I not surprised...

I think the Ballon d' Oro is an individual award, and it wouldn't be a "crime" to give it to Messi instead of Ronaldo, or vice versa, just because one does not agree with the opinions of people who know something about football.

KingPin4235d ago

you sir have summed it up
"Ballon d' Or is an individual award"

but this clearly isnt the case. if you were to look at the INDIVIDUAL stats of last seasons nominees, Iniesta was far from deserving it between messi and ronaldo. Messi stats showed about as even as ronaldo's however, ronaldo having taken his team to the semi final of Euro 2012 + winning the la liga (having had the season of his career so far) shows that he should have walked away a clear winner. but that was not the case.

instead they gave it to a good player who needed to have one before he retired just to acknowledge his ability. now if thats the case, giggs should get one, rooney should get one, torres (from liverpool days) should get one and drogba should get one, heck xavi should have one too. based on the reason iniesta got his, i dont see why any of the players i mentioned dont deserve to have one before they retire.

but after last season, this trophy has become a joke for a lot of the football community. yes, messi did deserve his, and ronaldo deserved his one as well, but to hand it out coz you like the player is just retarded.

Golden_Dive4235d ago

This doesn't make any sense
What about players like Iker casillas who was with ronaldo winning the la liga and the Euro right after beating Ronaldo & his portuguese team
Another guy who fully deserves it is Iniesta who was major part of Spain Euro
This Ronaldo & Messi Debate is pretty boring now
Winning the la liga is something big isn't it guys

BritishUK4235d ago

Im No Chelsea supporter but to me the Ballon D' Oro should go to Didier Drogba , he who single handed brought Chelsea home the champions league
He was the reason Chelsea made alive in the Fa Cup & Ucl group stages and most of every game
He took Ivory coast to the final in the Africa Nation Cup
Hes a legend and deserves to be up there with Messi & Ronaldo

topgeareasy4234d ago

I agree with Mourinho

messi is overrated soon Neymar will be better than him