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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: Battle for the Ballon D'Or

Bleacher Report: For the past few years the world of football has been dominated by two of the greatest attacking players of all time: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

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PaPa-Slam3858d ago

This is to close to call, i love both of the players, but i was forced to chose 1 of them. I'd go with Messi.

Yi-Long3857d ago

... they're both phenomenal, but for me Messi is just a little bit better.

Also, I much prefer Messi's attitude and work-ethic. I love how disappointed he always looks when the final whistle is blown and he can't play any longer.

KingPin3857d ago

as much as i respect your opinion, id go with ronaldo.

i just think he keeps improving year after year and always brings something new to his game.

but its too close to choose. i dont think you can pick just one. but from what i seen last year, ima say xavi is winning it this year. coz we know uefa wants to acknowledge him. just the same way iniesta won it after ronaldo and messi (the 2 best players in the world) had the best seasons of their careers.

PaPa-Slam3856d ago

And i respect your's.

People need to realize that the are just opinions, and stop disagreeing with me.

ProjectVulcan3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Ronaldo HAS to win this year's award.

Madrid took back La Liga and won the Supercopa in the process so it was his best season since he went to Madrid as well.

I consider him a more complete player than Messi, left foot, right foot, heading. Left wing, right wing, CF, lone striker, whatever. The fact he plays inside left for Madrid and he is technically right footed is astounding.

However it isn't quite as simple as saying that to say Ronaldo is better, although he is definitely more versatile as seen with his performances in two different leagues as well.

I won't bang on about it now though and just say that Ronaldo should win it this time out for his year.

listenkids3856d ago

Obvious the type of person disliking a solid comment.

Ronald will win, if not, it's a shambles.

Nes_Daze3858d ago

^ Glad to see somebody isn't spewing Barca hate all over this site, I'd go with Messi too, but still, Ronaldo is an exceptional player, I wouldn't complain if he got the ball.

FootballZilla3857d ago

Ill go with Ronaldo.. but think messi will get it...

mcstorm3857d ago

I think they are both Amazing players but for me Ronaldo is the better of the two because he managed to prove him self in 2 of the best leagues in the world. If Messi comes over to the EPL I don't think he would do as well as Ronaldo did here.

Spanish football is different to the English game and because Ronaldo have shown he can paly in both Messi wins it for me.

asmith23063857d ago

As long as both of them get it at some point in their careers, justice will be served. I prefer Messi but Ronaldo has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years and he is a pleasure to watch. He is definitely up there beside Messi.

pompombrum3856d ago

Then Justice has been served.. Ronaldo won it the same year as utd won the Champions League.

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